Miguel Ángel López, who was suspended in the middle of last year by the International Cycling Union (UCI), when he was accused of possible doping when he belonged to the Kazakh team Astana Qazaqstan Team, would maintain the suspension against him, according to some studies carried out seem to indicate, which concluded the least expected for the Colombian.

López would have consumed Menotropine in the 2022 Giro d’Italia, a prohibited substance prescribed by doctor Marcos Maynar and supplied directly in Hungary by Vicente Belda García, who worked as a masseuse in Astana, where the Colombian was racing, as revealed by Diario AS.

Through intercepted conversations, the UCO proves that what Maynar calls ‘Testis’ in code is Menotropine (a doping substance used to increase strength although designed for fertility treatments). This doctor had already been working with Superman since 2020.

Everything seems to indicate that he sent it to the 2022 Giro through his masseuse ‘Vicentín’ and that the intravenous administration took place on May 3 or 4, for stage 6 of the competition.

What emerges, and has evidence, from the report of the Central Operational Unit of the Civil Guard to which Diario AS has had access. In May 2022, the UCO dismantled a doping network in Cáceres that would have the famous Maynar as its leader and in which Vicente Belda Vicedo (the father and former director of Kelme who was acquitted of Operation Puerto) and his son would be involved. . Also the former cyclists Ángel Vázquez Iglesias and Luis Vicente Otín, the swimming coach Raúl Bernal and the cycling director Rubén Tiago Alves Pereira.

WhatsApp conversations, calls and more evidence would be presented to demonstrate and affirm the guilt of those involved in this matter.

For his part, the Colombian cyclist will be waiting for the final ruling and thus be able to define his future. If he can continue his sports career or if the sanction becomes official. Miguel Ángel López said goodbye to EPM, his last team to date, in August of last year.

Source: Alejandro Frade, www.caracol.com.co