In another flat finish, local cyclist Julio Padilla (PPP Development Team) won the third fraction of the Tour Por La Paz Justa 2023, held on a circuit in Puerto Barrios, ending at the Experimental Institute over a 120-kilometer route.

This was another flat day, where the Guatemalan runner took the victory ahead of his compatriot Alder Torres (Muni Fraijanes) and the Colombian David Santiago Ábreo (Agromx Cultivando Campeones), who is the new U-23 leader and flying goals .

This third segment had as its main protagonist the Cundinamarqués cyclist David Santiago Ábreo, who led the break of the day along with 13 other riders, standing out in the flying goals, adding 30 points that left him as the leader of the modality.

At the end of the fraction, the U-23 leader said he spoke about the stage. “We entered third, very happy with the work of the team and mine. Three very fast stages with a very high average speed. Happy so far with what has been done. For tomorrow, a stage for climbers, from me there will be my greatest support for my teammates and we’ll see what happens”, said Ábreo, who has just won the Policarpa Salavarrieta Cup in Guaduas.

This Saturday, February 11, the fourth stage of the Guatemalan race will take place, a section of medium mountains with a route of 112 kilometers starting and ending in the city of Zacapa.

Source: Revista Mundo Ciclístico