On August 19, 2008, at the Beijing Olympic Games, the pair of cyclists made up of Walter Pérez and Juan Curuchet won the gold medal in the Madison event, the only title in Argentina and Latin America in the track modality in these four-year events.

13 years after that historic achievement, the protagonists have the floor: “it was a dream come true and I always liked to see what it can represent for the youngest,” said Curuchet. To which Pérez added: “every anniversary is special, that achievement He accompanies me in my work with the hope that we can celebrate future medals ”.

The two coincide in the message, “above all, I hope that victory represents a motivation for those who come.” Those tears of joy traveled the world and were transferred to millions of Argentines. And from that day on, national cycling was adding more and more athletes to its ranks.

“Today more than ever I think about what that medal leaves in society, that with work, responsibility, dedication, perseverance, love for the country and our anthem we can achieve great things,” explained Curuchet.

“We Argentines have qualities to achieve any type of dream that we set ourselves. This achievement is for all Argentines and I hope it continues to light the flame in the boys who chose our sport,” the Mar del Plata added.

“Together we fulfilled a dream. We achieve that for many it is unattainable. I remember a lot how we worked every day for those four years. We put a lot of time and effort into each workout; and also to all the details of the planning, “recalled Pérez, who is now trying to convey his experiences to future cyclists.

“Today that I am the National Technical Director, my goal is to transmit all my experience and knowledge so that other cyclists can be at a high level to go for more medals,” concluded Pérez.

Taken From Argentina.gob.ar