CALDAS. A great day lived the Team SuperGIROS Alcaldía de Manizales to win the eighth stage of the Vuelta a Colombia 2019, which was played with an urban circuit on the Santander and Parallel Avenues of the capital of Caldas. The tulueño Bryan Gómez got the victory to the sprint on veterans like Juan Pablo Suárez and Oscar Sevilla.

The most important after the victory, has been the way that the citizens of Manizales that met in the race, celebrated as their own and with all the sense of belonging, the victory achieved by one of the members of the team that is sponsored by the Mayor’s Office of Manizales, Emas and Aguas de Manizales, entities that have given life to a project that has been supporting SuperGIROS for 10 years.

The happiness of the public was contagious, the applause to our team, headed by the winner Bryan Gómez, will surely be an incentive for what is coming, when the road map still has pending arrivals to La Línea and Albán (Cundinamarca), demanding finals in high mountain and the individual chrono of closure in Tunja.

The Team SuperGIROS Mayor of Manizales wants to dedicate this triumph to the memory of our eternal leader Mr. Libardo Montoya, to our families, to all our sponsors and co-sponsors, and to the cycling hobbies of Caldas and Valle del Cauca, where they feel all our own triumphs (Gonzalo Chalo Hernández)


  1. Gomez, Bryan Steven (S.Giros-Alc de Manizales) 02:40:48
  2. Suarez, Juan Pablo (Gw-Shimano-Chaoy-Envia-PX)
  3. Sevilla, Oscar Miguel (Team Medellín)
  4. Pachon, Oscar Mauricio (Depormundo-Liga de Bogotá)
  5. Cañaveral, Johnatan (Strongman-4WD Coldeportes)
  6. Duarte, Fabio Andres (Team Medellin)
  7. Rubiano, Miguel Angel (Zenu-A.Metrop Coldeportes) +0:00:07
  8. Duarte, Alvaro (Mixto 1) +0: 00: 07
  9. Rivera, Brandon Smith (GW-Shimano-Chaoy-Envia-PX) +0:00:07
  10. Ochoa, Diego Antonio (Ebsa E. Energia de Boyacá) +0:00:07


  1. Hernández, José Tito (Pride Paisa) 28:29:40
  2. Mendoza, Omar Alberto (Strongman-4WD Coldeportes) +00:00:24
  3. Duarte, Álvaro (Mixto 1) +00:00:37
  4. Parra, Heiner Rodrigo (GW-Shimano-Chaoy-Envia-PX) 00:00:39
  5. Pedraza, Walter Fernando (GW-Shimano-Chaoy-Envia-Px) +00:00:40
  6. Beltrán, Edward Alexander (Team Medellín) +00:00:50
  7. Oyola, Robigzon Leandro (Team Medellín) +00:01:02
  8. Cano, Kevin Jhoan (Pride Paisa) +00:01:03
  9. Sevilla, Oscar Miguel (Team Medellín) +00:01:09
  10. Osorio, Frank Yair (Strongman-4WD Coldeportes) +00:01:23