LIMA. He could not the first and remained in bronze, nor the second when the bicycle, his great companion, played tricks on him. But Arlenis Sierra is not one of those young people who get discouraged at the first stone that appears in their path. The Granmense on his last chance, the route, conquered all the glory in a disputed closing on the finish line.

A week ago when he took the bronze medal at the Omnium, Sierra declared that he would “die” for winning the gold medal in the women’s route of the Pan American Games. However, Arlenis did not succumb in the streets of Lima, prevailed with a blow of talent and perseverance, which stamped his name on immortality again, eight years later, when with just 18 Apriles he won this same test at the Guadalajara 2011 event .

This Saturday the women’s competition was held in the town of San Miguel, just outside the center of Lima over 80.5 kilometers, in a circuit where 36 riders intervened and the Cuban favorite, who all wanted to defeat. But Sierra (2: 19.49 hours) showed that he is among the best in the world and managed to put the extra to his bike in the final meters, after a violent shot, outdo in a second both the Trinidadian Teniel Campbell, and the Mexican Lizbeth Salazar, occupants of second and third place, in that order.

In the ninth place and two seconds behind Arlenis Sierra, the spirit Yumari González entered, who at 40 years old returned a few months ago to cycling in a show of love, courage and will towards this sport. With this result, Yumari said he is in better shape than many other young rivals.

A third representative of the Greater Antilles, Iraida García, took part in the test and culminated in the seat number 12, with three seconds of delay with respect to the winner of the day. (


1. Sierra Cañadilla, Arlenis (CUB) 2:19:49 ORO

2. Campbell, Teniel (TTO) 2:19:50 +0:00 PLATA

3. Salazar Vazquez, Lizbeth (MEX) 2:19:50 BRONCE

4. Ahumada Riquelme, Denisse (CHI) 2:19:50

5. Hernandez Gomez, Lina (COL) 2:19:50

6. Salcedo Zambrano, Jannie (COL) +0:00:01

7. Moreno Duran, Wilmarys (VEN) +0:00:01

8. Granizal, Fabiana (URU) +0:00:01

9. González Valdivieso, Yumari (CUB) +0:00:02

10. Conyers, Caitlin, Jean (BER) +0:00:03

11. Muñoz Ramos, Anany (CHI) +0:00:03

12. García Ocasio, Iraida (CUB) +0:00:03

13. Parra Rojas, Jessica (COL) +0:00:03

14. Soto López, Jasmin Gabriela (GUA) +0:00:03

15. Chacón García, Lilibeth (VEN) +0:00:03

16. Yapura Plaza, Anabel M. (ARG) +0:00:03

17. Villalón Sánchez, Aranza (CHI) +0:00:03

18. Gutiérrez Arzaluz, Ariadna (MEX +0:00:04

19. Brouwer, Miriam (CAN) +0:00:04

20. Núñez Padilla, Miryam (ECU) +0:00:04

21. Costa, Alexi (TTO) +0:00:04

22. Bonilla Escapite, Jessica (MEX) +0:00:34

23. Ojeda Rivera, Leslye A. (ECU) +0:00:43

24. Groothuesheidkamp, Lisa (ARU) +0:00:44

25. Malaspina López, Fiorella (ARG) +0:00:44

26. Paulett Bustamante, Angie (PER) +0:00:44

27. González García, Angie (VEN) +0:00:44

28. Coles-Lyster, Maggie (CAN) +0:00:45

29. Mitchell, Nicole Elizabet (BER) +0:01:26

30. Aguilar García, Dayana (ECU) +0:01:26

31. Aguirre Mangue, Maribel (ARG) 0:01:27

32. Fernández Quispe, Luddy (PER) +0:01:31

33. Attwell, Erin (CAN) +0:03:17

34. Dávila Rodríguez, Cinthya A. (PER) +0:06:35

35. Fernández Veras, Juana (DOM) +0:12:13

36. Sarabia Ricaldez, Micaela (BOL) +0:12:58