BOGOTÁ. Elizabeth Castaño (Antioquia A) won the first stage of the 30th edition of the Vuelta del Futuro on Friday and Erika Botero (Antioquia A) became the new leader. The day was disputed between Anserma Nuevo and Roldanillo over 50.4 kilometers.

The fraction of the new generation of Colombian cycling turned out to be quite interesting, where the Antioquians, in addition to being in the dispute for the victory, reached the yellow shirt, which they hope to defend in the two remaining days Erika Botero, who was 6 seconds in the general of the dethroned Lina Mabel Rojas (Bogota Krieger) winner of the prologue yesterday in Santa Rosa de Cabal.

Elizabeth Castaño appeared alone at the sentencing line taking 33 seconds to the main lot that arrived headed by Erika Milena Botero. The Bogota Lina Mabel Rojas entered ninth.

This Saturday will take place the second and penultimate fraction between Roldanillo-La Union-Toro-Ansermanuevo on 54.4 kilometers. (


1. Castaño, Elizabeth (F-Jun Antioquia) 01:21:34
2. Botero, Erika Milena (F-Jun Antioquia A) +00:00:33
3. Gutierrez, Isabel (F-Jun Valle) +00:00:33
4. Prado, Karen Dayana (F-Jun Valley) +00:00:33
5. Perez, Laura Cristina (F-Cad Antioquia A) +00:00:33
6. Sanchez, Maria Fernan (F-Cad Bog Kronos Sun Flowers) +00:00:33
7. Carrero, Liseth Danie (F-Jun Norte Santander B) +00:00:33
8. Rojas, Maria Fernanda (F-Jun Mixto 2 Risaralda Caldas) +00:00:33
9. Rojas, Lina Mabel (F-Jun Bogota Krieger) +00:00:33
10. Osorio, Valeria (F-Jun Antioquia A) +00:00:33