The third stage of the Vuelta al Tolima, male and female, took place this Friday, with partial victories for Miguel Ángel “Supermán” López among the men and Lilibeth Chacón, who continue to be the closest candidates to win the contest, although Rodrigo Contreras he is the leader of the men’s race; while Chacón continues to lead the ladies.

The third fraction of the five that this 2023 edition has was run over 65 kilometers between Lérida and Ibagué, in a day with several ascents, including the one located at the finish line, in the capital of Tolima.

In the case of the women’s race, the initial attacks paid off and some cyclists managed to get out of control of the peloton, but soon the large group caught up with them, which they were unable to do with Lilibeth Chacón. With Ibagué on the horizon, the Venezuelan went ahead without much opposition and managed to stretch her advantage on the ascent towards the end.

Chacón, leader of the general classification, crossed the finish line alone, with almost a minute of rent on Jessenia Meneses and more than three on Stefanía Sánchez. With two stages to go, Chacón leads the general classification with more than a minute advantage over Meneses, while Ana Milena Fagua is third, just over 4 minutes away.

For their part, the men disputed their stage over 128 kilometers away between Fresno and Ibagué, on a mountainous day, which became the setting for a getaway with three runners: Jhonatan Restrepo, Juan Manuel Barboza and Brayan Sánchez, who stayed together. ahead until, having traveled more than 60 kilometers, they were caught.

The lot managed to control the race, until the final ascent towards the goal began; In the climb there were new attacks and up to six runners led the race, but entering the last kilometer they were hit. Soon “Supermán López attacked with three seconds of rent won the stage, followed by Contreras and Sebastián Castaño.

Rodrigo Contreras became the new overall leader, with just 11 seconds ahead of the favorite López. This Saturday, March 11, the fourth stage of the Tolimense round will be held, a short 49-kilometre day that begins in Lérida and ends in the municipality of Santa Isabel. The successor to Wilson Peña, last year’s champion, will be known on Sunday in Ibagué.

Classification Stage 3 (female)

1. Lilibeth Chacón (Clarus Merquimia Strongman) – 2h:11m:20s

2. Jessenia Meneses (Colombia Pact for Sport) at 52s

3. Stefanía Sánchez (Eneicat CM Team) at 3m:42s

4. Sara Juliana Moreno (Colombia Pact for Sport) at 3m:42s

5. Génesis Cortés (Clarus Merquimia Strongman) at 3m:42s

General Classification (female)

1. Lilibeth Chacón (Clarus Merquimia Strongman) – 5h:23m:28s

2. Jessenia Meneses (Colombia Pact for Sport) at 1m:19s

3. Ana Milena Fagua (Eneicat CM Team) at 4m:06s

4. Stefanía Sánchez (Eneicat CM Team) at 5m: 27s

5. Sara Juliana Moreno (Colombia Pact for Sport) at 5m:32s

Classification Stage 3 (male)

1. Miguel Ángel López (Team Medellín) – 3h:05m:49s

2. Rodrigo Contreras (Colombia Pact for Sport) at 3s

3. Sebastián Castaño (Paisa Pride) at 3s

4. Alber Reyes (Team Medellín-EPM) at 20s

5. Juan Pablo Vallejo (Tolima is Passion) at 25s

General Classification (male)

1. Rodrigo Contreras (Colombia Pact for Sport) – 6h:57m:19s

2. Miguel Ángel López (Team Medellín) at 11s

3. Sebastián Castaño (Paisa Pride) at 19s

4. Cristian Camilo Muñoz (EPM-Go Rigo Go) at 30s

5. Didier Chaparro (SuperGiros-Manizales City Hall) at 34s

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