This Saturday the penultimate stage of the 77th Tour of Uruguay was held, which was won by Pablo Anchieri del Amanecer, who thus added his second partial victory in this edition of the Vuelta and the fourth for the Aires Puros team.

The rider from the Club Ciclista Amanecer was the fastest to complete the 194,200 kilometers of the penultimate stage. He covered them in a time of 4 hours, 27 minutes, 4 seconds and developed an average speed of 43,630 km/h.

At the stroke of noon, the ninth stage of the Cycling Tour of Uruguay arrived in the center of the country, which ends in Montevideo this Sunday. The entrance through route 5 allowed many people to get close to the route and enjoy the arrival of the cyclists.

After turning onto Calle Artigas, the protagonists of the event charged forward with all their energy to cross the finish line at Artigas and Herrera, in front of the Durazno Intendancy, a few meters from Plaza Sarandí, where from very early on there were people from Durazno waiting for the arrival of the Vuelta. from Uruguay.

Behind Anchieri, came second Klever Ramos and further back (in this order) Leonel Rodríguez, Alberto Ramos and Emanuel Llanes.

Agustín Alonso maintains the leadership and is one step away from the championship title. This Sunday the last stage of 199 kilometers will be played, which will connect Durazno with Montevideo in the longest section of the competition.

Classification ninth stage

1st Pablo Anchieri (Sunrise Social and Sports Club) – 4:27:07 0:00:10

2nd Kleber Ramos (Unifunvic – Gelog – Pindamonhangaba)

3rd Leonel Rodríguez – (Club Unión Ciclista 33 Vergara)

4th Alberto Ramos – (Eda S.A Team)

5th Emanuel Yanes – (Boca Cufré Yacht and Fishing Club)

Individual General Classification

1º Agustin Alonso – (City of the Silver Cycling Club) 32:31:55

2nd Pablo Troncoso – (Phoenix Cycling Club) 32:32:09

3º Fernando Méndez (CC. San Antonio Florida) 32:32:50

4th Jorge Bravo – (Maldonado Cycling Club)

5th Sixto Núñez (Sunrise Social and Sports Club)

General Team Classification

1º Ciudad del Plata Cycling Club 97:44:21

2nd Cycling Union Club 33 – Vergara 97:45:15

3rd Unifunvic – Gelog – Pindamonhangaba 97:45:48

4th Maldonado Cycling Club 97:47:11

5th San Antonio De Florida Cycling Club 97:49:00