MONTEVIDEO. The Argentinian cyclist Germán Tivani (Virgen de Fátima) won this Saturday in the ninth stage of the Vuelta Ciclista del Uruguay in its 76th edition and the Colombian Walter Vargas (Medellin) continues as the leader.

Tivani, from the Vírgen de Fátima team, traveled the 180.5 kilometers that connect San Jacinto, in the department of Canelones (South), and Durazno (Center) in 3 hours, 29 minutes and 45 seconds.

The second place was taken by the Uruguayan Roderick Asconeguy (Club Ciclista Tacuarembó) and the third was for the Argentine Enzo Josué Moyano (Municipality of Pocito).

Vargas leads the overall standings with 32 hours, 58 minutes and 38 seconds.

His closest rival is the Brazilian Cristian Da Rosa, of the Sao Francisco Saúde team, 1 minute and 9 seconds.

The team classification continues to be led by Team Medellín, followed by the Virgen de Fátima.

The final stage will be 193.8 kilometers and will be played this Sunday between Trinidad, in the department of Flores (center), and Montevideo. (EFE)


  1. Tivani, Germán (AVF) 3:29:16
  2. Asconeguy, Roderick (TAC) +0:00:00
  3. Moyano, Enzo (EMP) +0:00:00
  4. Montoya, Cristhian (MED) +0:00:00
  5. Richeze, Mauro Abel (AVF) +0:00:03
  6. Quispe, Alain (PER) +0:00:21
  7. Gohr, Andre (FUN) +0:00:22
  8. Naranjo, Nicolás (AVF) +0:00:23
  9. Quevedo, Xavier (VEN) +0:00:23
  10. Andriato, Rafael (SFS) +0:00:23


  1. Vargas, Walter (MED) 32:58:38
  2. Da Rosa, Cristian (SFS) +00:01:09
  3. Tivani, Germán (AVF) +00:01:39
  4. Naranjo, Nicolás (AVF) +00:01:57
  5. Gohr, Andre (FUN) +00:02:01
  6. Oyola, Robigzon (MED) +00:02:06
  7. Moreira, Agustín (CER) +00:02:08
  8. Troncoso, Pablo (FEN) +00:02:15
  9. Mascarañas, Richard (SAF) +00:02:26
  10. Montoya, Cristhian (MED) +00:02:54