BOGOTÁ. The Nariño cyclist Oscar Quiroz, of the Coldeportes Strongman team, won the eleventh part of the Vuelta a Colombia Casanare Bicentenario Coldeportes, crowning the day’s flight.

Quiroz, winner of the fraction that began in Tocancipá and culminated in Sáchica, after traveling 149.5 kilometers, registered in goal a time of 3 hours, 34 minutes and 50 seconds. To nine seconds arrived Brayan Sanchez (Pride Paisa) and Diego Ochoa (EBSA Energy of Boyacá), second and third respectively.

It is the third victory for the team of Strongman Coldeportes in the Vuelta a Colombia, added that of William Muñoz (Aguazul, first stage) and Ómar Mendoza (Rionegro, sixth stage).

The leader, Fabio Duarte (Team Medellín) did not present any inconvenience in the stage and is still dressed for the second consecutive day of orange.

Duarte, born in Facatativá (Cundinamarca), has a time of 41 hours, 24 minutes and 35 seconds, followed by Salvador Moreno (Supergiros Alcaldía de Manizales), second at 2:07 minutes, and Wílmar Pérez (Mixto 1), at 2 : 08

The stage was a journey through rain, strong winds and a high pace imposed by the flight and controlled with success by Team Medellin, who left from the 36th kilometer to 13 riders who defined the winner of the day.

On the steep slope to the finish line, Óscar Quiroz took advantage of his power to lead his fellow escapers and take the win in the park of Sáchica, Boyacá.

The twelfth stage will be played this Saturday, June 29, over a distance of 157.3 kilometers between Villa de Leyva and Socha. (Fedeciclismo Colombia)


  1. Quiroz, Oscar Adalberto (Coldeportes Strongman-4wd) 03:34:50
  2. Sánchez, Brayan Stive (Pride Paisa) +00:00:09
  3. Ochoa, Diego Antonio (Ebsa E. Energia de Boyacá) +00:00:09
  4. Chaves, German Enrique (Zenu-A.Metrop Coldeportes) +00: 00: 09
  5. Chaparro, Yeison AndréS (Boyaca Is For Living) +00:00:11
  6. Sarmiento, José Cayetno (Epm-Scott) +00:00:20
  7. Parra, Carlos Andrés (Boyacá Is For Living) +00:00:36
  8. Hoyos, Juan Diego (S. Giros-Alc De Manizales) + 00:00:46
  9. Tobar, Cristian Camilo (Sundark Arawak) +00:00:56
  10. Pedroza, Andres Camilo (Strongman-4wd Coldeportes) +00:02:51


  1. Duarte, Fabio Andrés (Team Medellín) 41:24:35
  2. Moreno, Salvador (S. Giros-Alc De Manizales) +00:02:07
  3. Pérez, Wilmar Jahir (Mixed 1) +00:02:08
  4. Camacho, Alexis (Zenu-A.Metrop Coldeportes) +00:02:13
  5. Hernandez, Jose Tito (Pride Paisa) +00:02:39
  6. Sevilla, Oscar Miguel (Team Medellín) +00:02:41
  7. Duarte, Álvaro (Mixto 1) +00:03:16
  8. Parra, Heiner Rodrigo (GW-Shimano-Chaoy-Envia-Px) +00:07:28
  9. Osorio, Danny Alberto (Pride Paisa) +00:07:34
  10. Oyola, Robigzon Leandro (Team Medellín) +00:07:40