SAN JOSE. Costa Rican cyclist Daniel Bonilla (Scotiabank-Nestlé) retained this Monday the leader’s jersey of the Tour of Costa Rica after enduring the attack by Mexican Efrén Santos (Canel´s Specialized), who with his effort managed to ascend to the second place of the general.

The winner of the 12-kilometer chronoescalada between Cot and San Juan de Chicuá, province of Cartago (center) was the local Sebastián Moya with a time of 39 minutes and 34 seconds, followed by the Mexican Santos at 13 seconds and the leader was third to 35 seconds

In the first part of the day Santos reduced considerably the disadvantage of 1 minute and 11 seconds he had with respect to the first, but his work was not enough to put on the yellow shirt, because Bonilla tightened the pace in the second half of the route.

Bonilla continues as general leader with a time of 27 hours, 8 minutes and 24 seconds, followed by Mexican Santos 54 seconds.

After this Monday’s stage, Luis López, who is third in 2 minutes and 54 seconds, lost time and many of his options; Ecuadorian Bayron Guamá, fourth at 4 minutes and 43 seconds, and Dutchman Reinier Honig, 5 minutes and 22 seconds, who fell from second to fifth.

The tenth and penultimate stage between San José and Paraíso, province of Cartago, is scheduled for Tuesday for a 97-kilometer journey.

In the 55th edition of the International Tour of Costa Rica, which will conclude on December 25, 8 local and 7 foreign teams from Ecuador, Russia, Peru, Nicaragua, Holland, Guatemala and Mexico compete. (EFE)


  1. Sebastián Moyà Ramirez (CRC) 0:39:34
  2. Efrén Santos Moreno (MEX) +0:00:13
  3. Daniel Andres Bonilla Quiros (CRC) +0:00:35
  4. Sergio Arias Villanueva (CRC) +0:00:38
  5. Luis Enrique López Nolasco (HON) +0:01:13
  6. Harold Martin Lopez Granizo (ECU) +0:01:49
  7. Ricardo Rouillon Villa (CRC) +0:02:02
  8. Anthony Gerardo Vega Alfaro (CRC) +0:02:03
  9. Byron Patricio Guamá de la Cruz (ECU) +0:02:14
  10. Jordan Adolfo Ruiz Rodriguez (CRC) +0:02:41


  1. Julio Padilla Miranda (GUA) 9:29:49
  2. Luis Enrique López Nolasco (HON) +0:03:10
  3. Daniel Andres Bonilla Quiros (CRC) +0:03:39
  4. Pablo Andrés Alarcón Cares (CHI) +0:04:47
  5. Efrén Santos Moreno (MEX) +0:04:50
  6. Byron Patricio Guamá de la Cruz (ECU) +0:04:58
  7. Paulo Luis Mudarra Segura (CRC) +0:05:50
  8. Fabricio Quirós Araya (CRC) +0:06:08
  9. Alexey Andy Limaylla Zevallos (PER) +0:06:10
  10. Alex Rony Julajuj Julajuj (GUA) +0:06:18