SAN JOSE. The Costa Rican Daniel Bonilla took hold on Tuesday, in the absence of just one stage, in the leadership of the Tour of Costa Rica by controlling the attacks of the Ecuadorian Bayron Guamá and the Mexican Efrén Santos, his top contenders for the title.

In the stage of this 120-kilometer Tuesday between San José and Paraíso, province of Cartago (east), Bonilla remained in the group of its main contenders and practically secured the title in the absence of Wednesday’s day, which consists of a circuit in flat terrain.

This Tuesday the winner was the local Fabrizio Quirós with a time of 3 hours, 20 minutes and 52 seconds, after escaping alone.

In second place, Ecuadorian Guamá entered at 2:20, followed, at the same time, by Mexican Santos, and leader Bonilla.

In general, Bonilla maintains the lead with a 54-second lead over Santos and 1:54 over the Honduran Luis López.

As champion of the mountain awards, the Ecuadorian Pablo Caicedo was crowned.

The last stage is scheduled for Wednesday, consisting of a 100-kilometer circuit on flat terrain in the province of Heredia (downtown).

In the 55th edition of the International Tour of Costa Rica, which will conclude on December 25, 8 local and 7 foreign teams from Ecuador, Russia, Peru, Nicaragua, Holland, Guatemala and Mexico compete. (EFE)


  1. Fabricio Quirós Araya (CRC) 3:20:52
  2. Byron Patricio Guamá de la Cruz (ECU) +00:02:20
  3. Efrén Santos Moreno (MEX) +00:02:20
  4. Daniel Andres Bonilla Quiros (CRC) +00:02:20
  5. Sebastián Moyà Ramirez (CRC) +00:02:20
  6. Luis Enrique López Nolasco (HON) +00:02:20
  7. Reinier Honig (NED) +00:02:20
  8. Sergio Arias Villanueva (CRC) +00:02:23
  9. Allan José Morales Castillo (CRC) +00:02:26
  10. Alex Rony Julajuj Julajuj (GUA) +00:02:26


  1. Daniel Andrés Bonilla Quirós (CRC) 30:31:36
  2. Efrén Santos Moreno (MEX) +00:00:54
  3. Luis Enrique López Nolasco (HON) +00:01:54
  4. Byron Patricio Guamá de la Cruz (ECU) +00:04:43
  5. Reinier Honig (NED) +00:05:22
  6. Sebastián Moyà Ramírez (CRC) +00:05:28
  7. Fabricio Quirós Araya (CRC) +00:08:49
  8. Sergio Arias Villanueva (CRC) +00:10:24
  9. Evgenii Tikhonin (RUS) +00:13:46
  10. Harold Martin Lopez Granizo (ECU) +00:15:37