TÁCHIRA, VENEZUELA. The situation of the means of communication and the search for advertising support to carry ten stages forced the directors of the ATC to release the course a few days of the test that raises the curtain of the once Giant Fair of America

The wait is over, the lovers of the sport of the cranks and the followers of the Vuelta al Táchira already know the official route of the multicolored caravan in its version 54.
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The state of the communication routes, forced the directors of the Tachirense Association of Cycling, to carefully study the situation of the asphalt belt where the multicolored worm will transit in the nascent 2019.

As much as it was fought, emblematic stages such as; Casa del Padre, or the dispute over the mountain prizes in Berlin, were left out of the route charter, as a result of the deplorable state of these roads and which put the physical integrity of the riders on red alert.

So things, the Vuelta that opens the San Sebastian Fair will start on January 11 in Bramón and end on Friday 18 with the traditional circuit in the avenues Spain and April 19 (Santos Rafael Bermúdez).

The last stage will cause amazement and discomfort among fans who were already used to preparing their “fair apart” with the closing of the round, as the circuit was developed on a Sunday and allowed to share a day with sports and family recreation, but fairs They are fairs. (Diariodelosandes.com)


1 Stage Friday 11: Bramón- Circuito en Rubio (135.2 KM)
2 Stage Saturday 12: San Cristóbal- El Piñal- San Cristóbal- Borotá (132.8 KM)
3 Stage Sunday 13: Táriba – San Cristóbal Circuito (132.3 KM)
4 Stage Monday 14: San Felix- Santa Cruz de Mora (146.9 KM)
5 Stage Tuesday 15: Santa Cruz de Mora- La Grita (169.3 KM)
6 Stage Wednesday 16: La Fría- Cordero (165,9 KM)
7 Stage Thursday 17 Ureña (Circuit) San Antonio- Cerro Cristo Rey (112.3 KM)
8 Stage Friday 18: Santos Rafael Bermúdez Circuit (115.2 KM)