LA GRITA, VENEZUELA. Venezuelan cyclist Ronald Gonzalez (Deportivo Tachira-JHS) went on to lead the 54th edition of the Vuelta al Táchira after winning the fifth stage, a 169.5-kilometer race held on Tuesday between the Venezuelan towns of Santa Cruz de Mora and La Grita.

After 4 hours, 47 minutes and 27 seconds of stage, Gonzalez won solo on the arrival at La Grita, where he outstripped his compatriots Manuel Medina (Deportivo Tachira-JHS) and Orluis Aular (Miranda-Gobernación) in 10 and 22 seconds. Trek). At 28 seconds, occupying the fourth place, came also local Henry Meneses (JHS Group-Andiempaques).

The race was developed in the first kilometers with determined control of the commissaries in the descent from Santa Cruz de Mora and to the tunnels of El Vigía in the state of Merida, without major surprises until the appearance of the checkered flag in the Bonus Sprint conquered by Fernando Briceño of Triple Táchira.

The strategies of the Colombian teams began to be launched after the second sprint of the day, managing to add units in the flight and increasing the pace of the race for those who were at the end of the stage.

While the group of the leader began to work and in full rise towards Las Mesas they ended up with the possibilities of the escapees.

After passing through the always picturesque Seboruco there was a new escape with Manuel Medina, Jhon Navas, Jose Mendoza, Nelson Camargo, Luis Felipe Laverdi, Orluis Aular, Henry Meneses and Ronald Gonzalez. They dominated the descent to the fifth and later taking the baton to conquer the finish line.

In the last few meters of the day, Ronald `El Torito’ González with his partner Manuel Medina smiled with great emotion, because with their eyes turned back, it was up to them to raise their arms to be the heroes in the Athens of Táchira and be applauded by the public present in La Grita.

Monsalve, who donned the leader’s jersey after winning the fourth stage, could not be with the best and ended up giving up the precious piece of clothing.

In general Gonzalez has 28 and 52 seconds of income on Medina and Meneses, virtual podium of the test three days from the end.

The Vuelta al Táchira will continue this Wednesday with the dispute of its third stage, 165.9 kilometers between La Fría and Cordero. (


1 Ronald Gonzalez (VEN / Deportivo Tachira-JHS) 4:47:27
2. Manuel Medina (VEN / Deportivo Tachira-JHS) +0:00:10
3. Orluis Aular (VEN / Miranda-Trek Government) +0:00:22
4. Henry Meneses (VEN / JHS Group-Andiempaques) +0:00:28
5. Jimmi Jose Briceño Castro (VEN / La Viña) +0:00:41
6. Luis Mora (VEN / Gov. Carabobo) +0:00:44
7. Nelson Camargo (VEN / JHS Group-Andiempaques) +0:00:51
8. Yonder Godoy (VEN / Miranda-Trek Government) +0:01:02
9. Yonathan Salinas (VEN / Táchira Lottery) +0:01:03
10. Franklin Chacon (VEN / Venezuela Country of Future) +0:01:06


1. Ronald Gonzalez (VEN / Deportivo Tachira-JHS) 18:22:01
2. Manuel Medina (VEN / Deportivo Tachira-JHS) +0:00:28
3. Henry Meneses (VEN / JHS Group-Andiempaques) +0:00:52
4. Jimmi Jose Briceño Castro (VEN / La Viña) +0:00:52
5. Carlos Torres (VEN / Deportivo Tachira-JHS) +0:01:00
6. Yonathan Salinas (VEN / Táchira Lottery) +0:01:01
7. Orluis Aular (VEN / Miranda-Trek Government) +0:01:01
8. Roniel Campos (VEN / Deportivo Tachira-JHS) +0:01:07
9. Yonder Godoy (VEN / Miranda-Trek Government) +0:01:12
10. Nelson Camargo (VEN / JHS Grupo-Andiempaques) +0:01:15