With the best qualifications and observations, the highest governing body of world cycling (UCI) issued the final report on the Tour Colombia 2024 carried out under the organization and direction of the Colombian Cycling Federation chaired by Mauricio Vargas and its Executive Committee.

The report states that “The routes were challenging and captivating, offering a perfect combination of scenic routes and competitive terrain. The enthusiasm and support of the Colombian fans added a vibrant atmosphere to the race, creating an unforgettable environment for cyclists and spectators alike. The choice of the race route was excellent, contributing to the competitiveness of the event”.

The report from the Brazilian international Commissaire who was the head of the Commissaires Jury at the race also adds, “In summary, the event was a triumph showcasing the best of Colombian cycling and attracting great approval from participants, spectators and media alike, reflecting positively on the organizers and leaving Colombia as a privileged destination for professional cycling events.

“The competition remained exciting from start to finish, with the outcome determined only until the last stage. I would further emphasize the substantial presence of spectators at all stages, indicative of Colombia’s fervent enthusiasm for the sport. The Tour Colombia 2.1 has significant importance for cycling in the Americas, showcasing the region’s greatest talent and providing an international platform for cycling’s exposure and growth”.

The Tour Colombia, like all races of its kind in the world, was evaluated under several aspects that were reported as follows:

SAFETY – Every aspect was meticulously planned to ensure the safety of spectators and participants. Safety was clearly a priority, with comprehensive measures to ensure the well-being of participants as well as spectators.

TEAM ACCOMMODATION – The teams were provided with excellent accommodations, allowing them to rest and prepare adequately for each stage. The hotel accommodations met high standards and contributed to a positive experience for all participating teams. There was good service to the teams in terms of airport reception, vehicle service and vans available.

TELEVISION PRODUCTION – Showcased a beautiful Colombia and an intense career capturing audiences around the world. It was broadcast on ESPN (overseas) and also RCN (Ecuador and Colombia). The coverage captured the excitement of the race, showing the breathtaking landscapes of Colombia and the competitive spirit of the cyclists.

ORGANIZATION – Excellent teamwork with people who spare no effort and are truly committed to the success of the event. The College of Commissaires was a good team, with a spirit of teamwork and a desire to constantly improve and learn.

LOGISTICS – Timing and classification operations, photo finish and the transponder system was reliable and very agile.

Source: Revista Mundo Ciclístico