The Uruguayan National Team cyclist Pablo Anchieri, who was second in two stages of the most recent International Tour to Catamarca, took revenge against almost the same riders of that tour and at the start of the International Tour of Formosa he was left with the final sprint and the first stage

After traveling 134 kilometers that linked Formosa with Laguna Blanca, Anchiere became the first leader of the general classification of this second edition, endorsed by the UCI with category 2.2, in which 144 riders from 10 countries participate, with a date of completion by May 14.

The route was a flat race, without elevations, which favored the sprinters. The first Meta Sprint took place in Pastoril with a bonus for Leonardo Cobarrubia (SEP); Leonardo Velardez (Argentine National Team) and Marcos Méndez (Argentine National Team).

Already in the second intermediate goal of the day, Manuel Lira (Papa Johns) crossed in lead, followed by Alex Strah (Panama) and Carlos Gutiérrez (Banco Guayaquil). Later, a group tried to escape to crown the stage and managed to take 35 seconds off the main peloton. However, the attempt did not prosper and with the peloton entering the finish line all together.

The candidates to dominate the stage were the Italian Samuel Quaranta, who had already beaten the sprinter twice on the International Tour to Catamarca, and the Uruguayan Pablo Anchieri, who was able to finish second in those stages. Finally, the Uruguayan took revenge for what happened in Catamarca with a great victory.

144 cyclists participate in the International Tour of Formosa, divided into 24 teams, representing 10 countries, including Argentina, Italy, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Italy and the Netherlands.

The stages

587 kilometers will be completed. Stage two will start this Friday the 12th from Formosa, passing through Laishí and arriving at Herradura to complete 135 kilometers.

Meanwhile, in the third stage Formosa-El Colorado there will be 198 kilometers on Saturday the 13th. And on Sunday the 14th the race will conclude with the last stage, divided into two sections, an eight-kilometer time trial on the Paseo Costanero de Formosa and then 100 kilometers in the same circuit.