The Uruguayan Roderyck Asconeguy Díaz won this Wednesday alone the Urubici Cycling Grand Prix, in Brazil, a race that is part of the América Tour UCI and which brought together 73 cyclists from 11 national teams and five foreign professional teams.

The race had a total of 114.4 kilometers and Díaz crossed the finish line 22 seconds ahead of Panamanian Franklin Archibold Castillo of the Panama Es Cultura y Valores team. Third place went to Brazilian Otávio Augusto Gonzeli from the SwiftCarbon club, who entered at one minute and ten seconds and was the best Brazilian in the competition.

“I am very happy with this victory. When I started competing, my first international competitions were in Brazil. I am happy to be able to return to the country for these great events,” declared the Uruguayan rider, known in South America for his results, especially in the sprint discussion.

“We, South American competitors, have few opportunities to compete in the main competitions on our continent. Having competitions of this level is very important,” commented the champion, who is preparing for the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile, and is looking for a place in the Paris Olympic Games next year.

Competed under heavy rain, the organization chose to change the finish location, moving from the top of Morro da Igreja to the center of the city. “Today we canceled the uphill finish due to the rain, but tomorrow we will do the race with the finish in Morro da Igreja,” said the president of the Catarinense Cycling Federation, Alexandre Schneider.

The Urubici Cycling GP is part of a series of three international races approved by the UCI 1.2 and offering points towards the Olympic ranking.

The program continues this Thursday (October 5) with the last race, with longer kilometers: there will be 169.4 kilometers for men and 128.7 kilometers for women, races that will begin at 8 a.m. for men and at 2 p.m. hours for women. There is no provision for live streaming.

TOP 5 Men’s Ranking:

1) Roderyck Díaz (Uruguay National Team) – 2h 30min

2) Franklin Archibold (Panama Is Culture and Values) – at 22″

3) Otávio Gonzeli (Swift Carbon) – at 1’10”

4) Igor Molina (Unifunvic/Pindamonhangaba) – at 1’12”

5) Armando Camargo (Brazilian National Team) – mt.