COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO. USA Cycling announced today the 10 riders on the long team to compete on the U.S. National Team at the 2019 Amgen Tour of California. This is the first time USA Cycling will be fielding a men’s team since the inaugural Tour of California. Among the riders are National Champions Travis McCabe (Denver, Colo; Floyd’s Cycling), Alex Hoehn (Lenexa, Kan.; Aevolo) and Justin Williams (Los Angeles; Legion of Los Angeles).

“The Amgen Tour of California is the biggest race on U.S. soil and we are happy to be able to give the opportunity to some of our up-and-coming riders to compete alongside the best in the world and gain valuable experience,” said Jeff Pierce, Director of Elite Athletics, Road and Track for USA Cycling.

USA Cycling Amgen Tour of California Long Team:

Alex Hoehn (Lenexa, Kan.; Aevolo)

Brendan Rhim (Greenville, S.C.; Arapahoe/Hincapie)

Justin Williams (Los Angeles; Legion of Los Angeles)

Keegan Swirbul (Carbondale, Colo.; Floyd’s Pro Cycling)

Michael Hernandez (Clermont, Fla.; Aevolo)

Miguel Bryon (Miami, Fla.; Arapahoe/Hincapie)

Sam Boardman (Encinitas, Calif.; Wildlife Generation)

Tanner Putt (Park City, Utah; Arapahoe/Hincapie)

Travis McCabe (Denver, Colo.; Floyd’s Cyling)

Tyler Stites (Tuscon, Ariz.; Aevolo)

Support Staff:

Michael Sayers- Director Sportif

Michael Creed- Director Sportif 2

The 2019 Amgen Tour of California starts on May 12 in Sacramento and finishes May 18 in Pasadena. Throughout the seven day stage race, riders will traverse California on highways, coastlines and mountain roads. This year’s course features over 68,000 feet of elevation gain and an iconic Mt. Baldy summit finish on Stage 6. (