The Colombian Mariana Peña in the 14 years old category and the Venezuelan Jonathan Suárez in the 40-44 years old cruiser category were crowned in the BMX Racing World Championship, held at the RockHill track, in the United States, with the participation of 3,500 athletes from 45 countries.

Colombia added four medals in the third day of competitions, since in addition to the title of Mariana Peña among the 14-year-old ladies, two silver medals were won by Wilson José García (13 years old) and Juan Jerónimo Marín (14 years old), as well as a bronze medal won by Kmila Buitrago (15 years old).

Sharick Salguero also qualified for the final in the women’s 12 years old category, where she finished in fourth place. Paula Flórez finished 5th (12 years old) and Lorenzo Idarraga 4th (11 years old).

For his part, the Venezuelan Jonathan Suarez made an extraordinary race and was consecrated as the new BMX Racing World Champion in the @rockhill2024, Challneger in the cruiser category 40-44 years.

The Venezuelan rider, known as “El Mosquito” Suarez, was already BMX World Champion in the elite category and returns to give a World Bicicross Championship to Venezuela after 12 years.

This triumph is not only significant for being his third world title in this category, but also because it marks a triumphant return to the place where he won his second title in 2017, likewise at Rock Hill. This track seems to be Suarez’s talisman, a stage where his talent and skill are magnified.

“El Moskito” Suarez, was crowned champion on Monday, May 13 in the world competition held in the city of Rock Hill, South Carolina in the United States. The journey of this BMX hero began much earlier, when in 2007, Suarez won his first world title in the elite category of Cruisers in Canada.