The sports director of the International Olympic Committee, Kit McConnell, left the door open to the incorporation of e-sports in future editions of the Games with the argument that they are physical reproductions of existing sports and in cases such as cycling, they are covered by the international federation and they even have their own championships.

There is no doubt that the rise of eSports is unstoppable and little by little they are beginning to be taken into account as authentic sports disciplines. So much so that even the International Olympic Committee does not rule out that they could be included in the Olympic program in the future, according to Kit McConnell’s statements to a British newspaper.

“When it is a complete replica of a traditional sport and is regulated by its respective international federation, the door is open. The best example is road cycling and the collaboration between the UCI and Zwift before, now with MyWhoosh,” said McConnell.

This statement coincides with the announcement by the IOC to establish a kind of Olympic Games for electronic games independently of the usual Olympic events, which would continue the Olympic Week of Electronic Sports to be held next June in Singapore with virtual versions of archery, baseball, basketball, chess, cycling, dance, motor sports…

Thus, the opening of the Olympic movement towards disciplines more linked to young people continues, as we could see in the Tokyo Olympic Games, in which BMX and Skate were included in the program, or Breakdance, which will be added to the program of the next games. Paris.

In any case, with the Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 programs already closed, the earliest we could see virtual sports as disciplines of games would be in Brisbane in the year 2032.