In recent years the popularity of exercise bikes and rollers for indoor training has increased. One of its advantages is the ease of training without leaving home and the low cost of investment in equipment.

Indoor cycling gains fans even among those who like to practice cycling outdoors, as a complement to their training or on occasions when bad weather prevents riding the bike.

Since the expansion of the Covid-19 pandemic, the continental cycling family has multiplied the use of these platforms to keep their riders active. Virtual cycling brings a large number of advantages, among them we can highlight the motivation offered by having to face or be able to compare yourself with other users, compared to giving pedals by yourself on the roller, something that is generally not very fun. In addition, you also have fun, since you can compete feeling that you are in a great lap running against hundreds of users.

Technology takes more strength in training, in a virtual environment in which runners represent real situations that allow them to stay focused on their sports goals, continue to know their body and even improve their performance.

From these experiences, there are already several countries on our continent that in recent days have begun to promote competitions of this type, from the company Play Sports in Mexico that organized the first race on April 19, to various national federations such as USA, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Panama in just over 15 days have already organized and developed more than 10 tests, including some like Venezuela through JFSPORTVE organized from May 1 to 3 its first Virtual Tour and others like Uruguay advance with an even more ambitious project by creating a South American League on the Swift virtual platform.

Our sport and our continental family do NOT stop their actions in times of Coronavirus, demonstrating that we can stay at home and continue enjoying this beautiful sport.