The Tachirense Cycling Association made official the route of the 55th edition of the Vuelta al Táchira by Bicycle 2020, which will be held from January 12 to 19.

The Andean turn will have eight stages and will pass through 22 of the 29 municipalities of Táchira. “The route of the 55th Tour of Táchira by Bicycle, has been carefully structured, respecting the requirements of the UCI, adapting it to our competition, where the mountain and the flat terrain will be protagonists,” said William Rodriguez.

The wheels of the bicycles will pass through the municipalities: Junín, San Cristóbal, Torbes, Fernández Feo, Libertador, Cárdenas, Guásimos, Lobatera, Ayacucho, García de Hevia, Pan-American, Samuel Darío Maldonado, Antonio Rómulo Costa, Seboruco, Jáuregui, San Judas Tadeo, Michelena, Pedro María Ureña, Bolívar, Libertad and Independencia.

With a total of 908 kilometers, the 55th edition of the Vuelta al Táchira by Bicycle promises a great show during eight days of competition, according to a press release from the Vuelta al Táchira 2020.

Stages of the 55 Vuelta al Táchira by Bicycle 2020

1st. Sunday 12 | Metropolitan Circuit 5th Av. – 7th Av. – Táriba (9 Laps) 117.6 Kms

2nd. Monday 13 | El Piñal – Santa Bárbara (Barinas) – Abejales 158 Kms.

3rd. Tuesday 14 | Circuit in Rubio (12 laps) 124.8 Kms.

4th. Wednesday 15 | Coloncito – La Tendida – Coloncito – La Fría – La Grita 158 Kms.

5th. Thursday 16 | Colon – Michelena – Borota 97.8 Kms.

6th. Friday 17 | CRI San Cristóbal – Palmira 19.8 Kms.

7th. Saturday 18 | Ureña – San Antonio (Circuit) – Cerro Cristo Rey 117 Kms.

8th. Sunday 19 | Circuit Avenues Spain – April 19 115.2 Kms.

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