Javier Jamaica of Team Medellín, from Colombia, was the fastest in the third stage of the Vuelta Bantrab and maintained his country’s dominance in the first three days of the contest. The coffee grower reached the finish line in 2 hours, 28 minutes and 27 seconds, followed by Yeison Reyes, while the surprise came from Guatemalan Sergio Chumil with his third place.

  What had been seen in two stages of the second edition of the Vuelta Banbtrab was confirmed, Team Medellín from Colombia came to be the protagonist and this Friday they gave a coup of authority that puts the title on track for the continental team. Since Óscar Sevilla will maintain his leadership.

This third stage of the Bantrab Tour was led by the leaks that took place in the flying goals, the fight for the category was lit with the appearance of the Hino-One rider, Henry Sam.

At the exit of the Municipality of Tactic, the riders began with the fight for the intermediate prizes. Six riders began an escape attempt, however, their effort was unsuccessful and the peloton soon gave chase.

It was then that with the first flying goal on the radar, the national of the Hino-One, Henry Sam went ahead of the caravan followed closely by Jorge Ramírez of the Mexican Petrolike and by the Colombian, also from the same team, Edilson Callejas.

It was precisely these three who took the first midfielder, Henry Sam was awarded the five points, Callejas was left with three and Ramírez added one, which helped him to continue accumulating and take care of his advantage in the standings.

Upon reaching the second intermediate prize, at kilometer 38.5, Sam fell behind the chasing pack and Ramírez gave an authoritative blow that confirms his intentions to take the title of Flying Goals; He arrived first and added five, accompanied by his teammate José Muñiz and closed by Richard Huera from Movistar Best PC.

In the third and last goal the last three repeated, who left the lead and it was the turn of the climbers to shine because a second category mountain prize was approaching.

Sergio Chumil, the best Guatemalan in the Vuelta, moved everyone when he took the mountain prize, and it was thought that he would reach the finish line in Guastatoya first, however, in the final sprint Colombians Javier Jamaica and Danny Osorio made the 1 -2 to take the race, for the native of Tecpán it was the third place of the stage and also thanks to his time he entered the podium of the general classification.

The general classification of the Vuelta Bantrab did not undergo major changes; since Óscar Sevilla remains in first place, ahead of Superman López, who continues to lead the mountain classification, which demonstrates the power of the Antioquia squad in this competition.

The fourth stage of the Vuelta a Bantrab 2023 will be held over 116 kilometers between the towns of Patulul and San Lucas Tolimán. This will end with an ascent that will have two first-class climbs in the last 15 kilometers.

Source: Oscar Ordoñez, www.prensalibre.com and www.antena2.com