This September 24, the Pan American Cycling Confederation (COPACI) reached 99 years. Since its foundation in 1922 in Montevideo, Uruguay, much has been the work of cyclists, coaches, mechanics, federation and leaders to make our sport a reference in the world, with results in all categories, greater practice in our towns and a sustained growth in governance.

In the middle of the Congress of the International Cycling Union that was held this September 24 in Belgium, we received the congratulations and greetings of many friends from America and from the Confederations of Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. That comforts and fills us with hope for the work ideas that we have until 2026.

Coincidentally this day the elections to the UCI Steering Committee took place, in which we secured two positions. Sonia Ramos Acuña, president of the Bolivian Cycling Federation, won a seat with 19 votes and will accompany me in this entity, given my status as head of COPACI.

But the 99 years of COPACI must pay a first tribute to the Uruguayan engineer Juan Bautista Maglia, founding president. Then the Colombian Marcos Arambula Durán would take the reins for 21 years, to be followed by the Venezuelan Armando Ustariz and the Mexican Guillermo Gutiérrez. From all of them we learned love and dedication to the task.

When we were re-elected in 2021 for a new term, we committed ourselves to taking COPACI to more cycling, greater communication and better governance. Soon we will present the concretion of these ideas in the 2026 Agenda. Many energies remain to reach the COPACI centenary in 2022 with a closer and exalted work towards our true protagonists.

Congratulations to all. I thank them for the expressions of support received and we are counting on them to move forward, to grow.