The Venezuelan Wilmarys Moreno, who defends the colors of Team Carabobo OwlBike, became the undisputed two-time champion of the Women’s Tour of Venezuela 2023. After four days of competition, she was victorious in the second edition of the Vuelta a Venezuela Femenina.

“A lap that brings back beautiful memories and mixed feelings, I came with the idea of doing a good job, but I didn’t believe I could win since this 2nd edition the stages were with technical circuits that were not broken as I usually defend myself a little better , but I did not doubt my abilities and tried not to get discouraged. I have been working hard on the island, and the fruit of so much sacrifice and dedication that I make for this sport is reflected here,” Moreno said.

A second place in the first stage in San juan de los Morros, a first place in the second stage in Nirgua, a seventh in the third stage in Valencia and his arrival with his arms raised, aboard his Giant Liv bicycle from Multisportvzla dressed in Vittoria Rubino rubber, on Avenida Bolívar in Caracas on the fourth day, they are irrefutable proof of her second consecutive yellow jersey.

“The first Women’s Tour of Venezuela of special, because being named the first Champion is what every cyclist wants, however, retaining the title in the 2nd edition and becoming a Two-time Champion makes it even more special,” Moreno added.

In the general table, Moreno recorded a time of 8:55:04 to be crowned the queen of the women’s cycling event, escorted by Katiuska García from the Capital District and María Daza from Carabobo. Moreno also led the Sprint overall with 30 accumulated points, demonstrating her power with the two-wheeled machine.

Wilmarys Moreno will continue her preparation process to be at her best in order to represent Venezuela on the track and road at the Pan American Games to be held in Santiago, Chile at the end of this month. The Venezuelan will participate on October 24 and 27 on the track and on October 29 on the road.

Source: Revista Mundo Ciclístico y