CARACAS. With a time of 2 hours 29 minutes and 24 seconds, Wilmer Bravo, of the Táchira Sports team, won the fourth stage of the Second Cycling Tour of Miranda, a race that traveled through the six municipalities of the Barlovento region in a stretch of 123 kilometers.

Under an intense sun and with a very humid environment, the 120 cyclists from various states of the country, as well as from Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil, left the Plaza Bolívar de Caucagua, to pedal along the asphalt of windward roads and arrive to the Plaza Bolívar of Río Chico.

“I thank God for winning the victory in this fourth stage of the Second Cycling Tour of Miranda. I congratulate the Governor of Miranda for holding this competition, which has been very well organized, and for the reception when I reached the finish line. Tomorrow will be a key and strong stage but for that we prepare, for this round and for the Vuelta a Venezuela that is approaching, “said Bravo.

The second place was occupied by Jefferson Rueda, from the FHT cycling team, while Ralph Monsalve, from Deportivo Táchira, won the third place again, as he did in the Altos Mirandinos route.

The fifth stage of the Second Cycling Tour of Miranda will take place this Saturday June 13 on the Metropolitan axis, where cyclists will travel the Cota Mil to make a circuit of 120 kilometers. (VTV)


  1. Bravo, Wilmer (VEN) 2:29:24
  2. Tobón Wheel, Jefferson (COL)
  3. Monsalve, Ralph (VEB)
  4. Espinel, Alcides (COL)
  5. Torres, Carlos (VEN)
  6. Castillo, José (VEN)
  7. Sources, Yorman (VEN) +0:00:08
  8. Marín, Simón (VEN) +0:00:24
  9. Aular, Orluis (VEN)
  10. Quevedo, Xavier (VEN)


  1. Haro, Wilson (ECU) 9:53:32
  2. Pinto, Luis (VEN) +0:00:34
  3. Galvis, Carlos Johan (VEN) +0: 01:12
  4. Castillo, José (VEN) +0:01:22
  5. Montenegro, Santiago (ECU) +0:01:25
  6. Villareal, Esteban David (ECU) +0:01:28
  7. Sequera, Pedro (VEN) +0:01:44
  8. Ramirez, Yurgen (VEN) +0:01:47
  9. Monsalve, Ralph (VEN) +0:02:50
  10. Rivas, Angel (VEN) +0:02:50