The magnificent setting of the Adventure Park in San José de la Montaña and a spectacular climate, welcomed the return of the Classic Canet Double Line competition in its third edition, a very popular format for downhill competitions whose winner is the athlete who achieves descend two different descent slopes with the shortest accumulated time. The competition has the endorsement of the Costa Rican Cycling Federation.

Marcela Canet, renowned national sports athlete and Technical Director of the event, showed her great satisfaction by pointing out that she was very pleased to return with the third edition of the event. “The Classic Canet Double Line is an event for all downhill lovers, and it is run under a new format that the entire community of this modality has really liked.

“Today we saw with great joy how a girl who was only 13 years old won the Female category, which fills us with a lot of hope; and a 12-year-old boy has his first experience in sports. Thank you to everyone, collaborators, sponsors, parents, the public who were present, athletes who supported us, and to the Costa Rican Cycling Federation and the judging body for making this event possible,” said Canet.

José Vásquez Herrera (Ciclón Bike Shop), with a cumulative time of 4:17.945, managed to dominate the Men’s Elite category, beating Johnny Flores Mora (KronoSport-Custom Stickers) who made a time of 4:29.154, and third place was occupied by Osvaldo Flores (Dangerous Crew) with a time of 4:36.718.

In the Women’s category, Alina Oropeza Steinvorth (Adventure Park-Gorillas) with a magnificent race took first position without dispute with a cumulative time of 5:41.116, with second position going to Acacia Ralene Boshoff Bejarano (Bushmaster) with a time of 5:41.116. :53.434 and third position for Laura Porras Sánchez (Adventure Park-Gorillas) with a cumulative time of 6:53.255.

It should be noted that Alina is only 13 years old and is an outstanding athlete of the new generation who has generated great emotions in the downhill cycling community and the public.

In the Youth category, Kai Ledezma Mendoza (Moncho) showed his conditions again after winning the National Championship and won with an extraordinary time of 4:27.631, followed by Alejandro Ferraro (Imperial Racing Team) with a time of 4:31.085 in second position and Noah Boshoff (Bushmaster-Bikecraft) closing the podium with a time of 4:32.646.

In the New Generation category, the boy Allan Fernández Vargas, only 12 years old, who is making his first “weapons” in the sport, used his best skills to go down the two slopes of the event with a time of 6:24.939.

A very interesting competition was observed in the E-Bike category, finally won by Jan Xirinachs Robert (AutoXperience CR) with a cumulative time of 4:31.020, followed by Álvaro Enrique Castillo Brenes (CROPEN) who took second position with a time of 4:31.020. :36.160, closing the podium Roberto Zúñiga Arguedas with a time of 4:49.407.

The Master category marked the return of great figures of mountain descent, dominated by the experienced Guillermo Porras Altamirano (4:39.207), who maintained a nice sporting challenge with André Maynard Pinto who finished in second position with 4:41.948. Walter Lotz Valverde (Go South Adventures) closes the podium with a time of 4:50.168.

In the Beginner category, Yader Adrián Cruz López (Jireh Bike Store) was the undisputed winner with a cumulative time of 4:58.044, followed by Kevin Alpízar Herrera (Lubricentro Gama) with 5:31.734, and Elijhan Méndez Salazar (The Beagles Crew) with time of 5:35.805 in third place.

The Enduro category was dominated by Oscar Solís (XP Bike CR) with a time of 4:36.918, followed by Diego Solano Umaña with 4:46.291 and Luis Navarrete Herrera with 4:51.071 for third place.

The winner of the SemiPro category was Saulo Zamora Rodríguez with a time of 4:47.467, followed by José Brenes with 4:55.185 in second place and closing the podium was Jefferson Flores Castillo (Dangerous Crew) with 4:57.570.

Source: FECOCI