Colombia has largely dominated the track events of the Pan American Master Cycling Championship, after accumulating 23 gold medals compared to the 11 achieved by the Chilean delegation, which put up the most serious resistance throughout three intense days for 16 categories ( ladies and men) at the Alfonso Flórez Ortíz Velodrome, in Bucaramanga.

The master caravan of continental cycling, with its nearly 300 runners from 11 countries, a historic figure for recent years, moves this Thursday to Barrancabermeja, the oil capital of Colombia to start the road tests with an individual time trial of 19 kilometers on Friday, a 70km road test on Saturday and a quick criterium on Sunday.

As for the latest results thrown on the track these were the gold medalists.

500 meter time trial:

Ladies Category D2. Maria Elvira Garcia (Colombia)

Ladies D1: Adriana Jaramillo (Colombia)

Ladies A2: Jennifer Alzate (Colombia)

D2 Boys: Ricardo Pruneda (Chile)

D1 Boys: Angel Redondo (Argentina)

Boys C2: Javier Lozada (Colombia)

Boys C1: Antonio Roca (Colombia)

1000 meter time trial

B2 males. Fabian Rodriguez (Colombia)

Boys B1: Enrique Vergara (Colombia)

A2 males. Alexander Rojas (Colombia)

A1 males. Alvaro Munoz Rosero (Colombia)

team pursuit

1.- Chile 3.3.871

2.- Ecuador 3,47,871

3.- Colombia 3.52.322

single speed

Boys C2: Alejandro Márquez (Colombia)

Boys C1: Sean Power (Trinidad & Tobago)

Boys B2: Alejandro Rodríguez (Colombia)

Boys B1: Renato Martinez (Colombia)

Boys A2: Andres Vera (Chile)

Boys A1: Marcelo Pozo (Ecuador)

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