The Women’s Cycling Tour of Costa Rica 2023 will start this October 12 with 13 teams, seven of them foreign, with representation from Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama and the United States that will travel the route in four stages.

Clarus Merquimia Strongman, current champion of the Vuelta a Guatemala and the Vuelta a Colombia, heads the list of foreign squads that will grace the event, along with Roxo Racing from the United States, Pato Bike from Mexico, Macizo Cordelsa Don Paletero from Guatemala, and Caminos by Omar from Panama.

While the national teams section will be made up of Colono Bikestation Kolbi, CBZ Cape Segnet BYA, CMS Zepol Cycling Team, Santini, Ciclo Víctor Vargas, Puro MTB Bianchi Saris and Trimax Cycling Vichima ZMotors.

The first stage will have an extension of 113.42 kilometers, the second with 24.6 kilometers, while, for Saturday, they will travel 118.473 kilometers to close on Sunday with a circuit of 83.36 kilometers.

The official data confirms the presence of continental figures such as Marcela Prieto (Pato Bike), champion of the Vuelta a Costa Rica 2019; Jasmin Gabriela Soto (Macizo Cordelsa Don Paletero), 2020 runner-up; Lilibeth Chacón (Clarus Merquimia Strongman) current champion in Guatemala and Colombia, facing national representatives such as Milagro Mena (Colono Bikestation Kolbi), champion in 2015 and María José Vargas (Santini) third in the 2018 edition.

For this Vuelta we will have about 74 cyclists fighting for the title. “We have had abysmal growth in recent years and it also demonstrates the commitment of this Board of Directors to women’s cycling,” said Óscar Ávila, president of the Costa Rican Cycling Federation.

The Board of Directors decided to dedicate this edition to the runner Adriana Rojas, winner of the Women’s Vuelta on two occasions (2006-2007) and who is currently dedicated to mountain biking (MTB).

At 39 years old, the experienced runner remains a national MTB team member; even in a few weeks she will be one of the Costa Rican representatives at the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile.

The Vuelta Femenina a Costa Rica Telecable 2023 will have full coverage by CRCiclismo, TD Más and Teletica Radio 91.5 FM.

National teams

     Settler Bikestation Kolbi

     CBZ Cape Segnet BYA

     CMS Zepol Cycling Team

     Santini Costa Rica

     Victor Vargas Cycle

     Pure MTB Bianchi Saris

     Trimax Cycling Vichima ZMotors

International teams

     Clarus Merquimia – Colombia

     Roxo Racing – United States

     Pato Bike – Mexico

     Cordelsa Massif

     Paths of Omar

     Prototype Womens Cycling

Source: Agencia Prensa Latina y