The Colombian Karen Villamizar (Boneshaker), pre-competition favorite, led today in the third third and penultimate stage over 111 kilometers of the 22nd International Women’s Cycling Tour of Guatemala.

In the difficult route through the central highlands, municipality of Tecpán, department of Chimaltenango, the runner-up of the last edition of this event imposed her class at the end over her fellow countrywoman Lina María Rojas (Patobike).

Italian Valentina Basílico (Eneicat CM Team), winner of the first day, eighth the day before, came in third, and snatched the yellow overall leader’s jersey from 18-year-old Natalia Garzón (Sistecrédito).

The latter came in with the same time as the winner, but in seventh place, also preceded by Mexico’s Marcela Pietro (Patobike), fourth; Colombia’s Camila Valbuena (Clarus Marquimia), fifth; and her fellow Colombian and teammate Milena Salcedo, sixth.

American Kira Payer (Boneshaker), who won the day before, placed 12th, while another favorite, local Jasmín Soto (Macizo Cordelsa), placed 15th.

Coffee Nicole Garcia (Patokike), dominant during the three goals, was then diminished and finished the race in 39th place.

Some 55 riders out of 59 who started from 13 teams, finished the race, with coffee Andrea Alzate (Eneicat CM Team) leading the mountain.

Another young woman, only 20 years old, from that South American nation, Karen González (Team Sistecrédito) retained the leader’s jersey of the voting goals.

The closing this Sunday is scheduled at the Agencia Central Bantrab, on the capital’s Avenida Reforma, after 13 very flat laps, with 59.8 kilometers.

The Venezuelan Lilibeth Chacón (absent this time), from Clarus Merquimia, won the overall trophy in the previous event, between July 7 and 11, 2023.

Gabriela González, from Guatemala, triumphed in the first event of the Women’s Tour of Guatemala in 2001 and the nationals were crowned nine times, four Mexicans, three from El Salvador, the Colombians, and one each for Costa Rica and Venezuela.

This high level race, 2.2 UCI, apart from the sporting exchange, generates a true cultural environment between the athletes and the numerous fans of this sport in the country.

Source: Agencia Prensa Latina