The International Cycling Union (UCI) continues to take advantage of this end of the season to make revisions to its rules and regulations. If a few days ago it updated the sanctions for infractions in the race, now the turn has come to the salaries received by cyclists belonging to World Tour teams, after the three-way agreement with the Association of Professional Cyclists and the International Team Association.

Following negotiations between the UCI and representatives of the cyclists and teams, an agreement has been reached to update the minimum salaries that cyclists in this category must receive.

Specifically, an amount of 42,047 euros gross per year in 2024 has been set, a figure that will rise to 44,150 euros by 2025. A minimum salary that affects all World Tour cyclists except neo-professionals for whom a figure of 34,020 euros is set in 2024, which will rise to 35,721 euros the following year.

An agreement that only affects the men’s category. Regarding the Women’s World Tour, it is only the UCI that has taken the lead, unilaterally setting minimum salaries of 35,000 euros gross per year, 29,270 euros for neo-professionals, which will grow to 38,000 euros in 2025.

A salary gap remains between men and women, although in successive salary updates in recent years it has been narrowing, also motivated by the greater importance that women’s cycling has gained, which has had a great impact. especially in races such as the Tour de France or the Vuelta a España, which have achieved their own identity on a par with their male namesakes or, starting next year, the Giro d’Italia, which will depend on the same organizer as the men’s event. .

What does remain in the duty of the UCI is that it continues without setting a minimum salary for the Continental category, which means that there are still cases of authentic exploitation with cyclists who even have to pay to be part of certain squads and to compete. .

An aspect that has been demanded on many occasions also continues to seem taboo, especially as a result of the tremendous dominance shown by Jumbo-Visma during the season, such as the establishment of salary caps in the style of those who pay attention to football.