CARACAS. With a time of 04:19:57, Creole Xavier Quevedo took first place in the seventh stage of the 56th Cycling Tour of Venezuela, the Minister of Popular Power for Youth and Sports, Pedro Infante, said Tuesday your Twitter social network account @pinfantea.

This sports fair started on Wednesday, July 17 at Bolivar Avenue in Caracas, with the participation of 120 riders from 10 Venezuelan and 6 international teams.

The 56 Cycle Tour of Venezuela consists of 8 stages: Caracas with a route of 85.0 km; then from Yare (Miranda) to Valencia (Carabobo) with 156.5 km; Valencia (Carabobo) -Acarigua (Portuguese) 177.5 Km; Guanare (Portuguese) -Barquisimeto (Lara) 155.3 Km; Pavia (Lara) 28.4 Km; Quibor (Lara) -San Felipe (Yaracuy) 135.2 Km; San Felipe (Yaracuy) – Cagua (Aragua) 187.6 Km, and ends at La Guaira (La Guaira state) 97.0 Km.

The 56th Cycling Tour of Venezuela is inscribed on the calendar of the International Cycling Union (UCI).

This test is the highest in the country and will conclude on July 24 in the state of La Guaira after touring the Capital District and the states Miranda, Carabobo, Yaracuy, Lara, Aragua and Portuguesa. (


  1. Quevedo, Xavier (VPF Venezuela Pais Futuro Fina) 4:19:57
  2. Alvarado, Jorge (MBA Masa Brayga Aragua)
  3. Marín, Simón (BCI Bicicletas Castilla Idermi)
  4. Salinas, Jhonathan (DPT Deportivo Tachira)
  5. Cerquera, William (HYF Team HYF Ropa Deportiva Funda)
  6. Soraca, Ruberth (EDM Ediciones Mar)
  7. Stachera, Samuel (SB RJC Rio de Janeiro Cycling Team)
  8. Aular, Orluis (VEN)
  9. Bravo, Wilmen (DPT Deportivo Tachira)
  10. Martínez, Sergio (JBF JB Ropa Deportiva Flowerpack)


  1. Aular, Orluis (VEN) 22:10:54
  2. Galvis, Carlos (DPT Deportivo Tachira) +00:02:40
  3. Salinas, Jhonathan (DPT Deportivo Tachira) +00:03:17
  4. Ramírez, Yurgen (SB VPF Venezuela Pais Futuro Fina Arr) +00:03:29
  5. Rujano, Jose (VPF Venezuela Pais Futuro Fina Arr) +00:03:34
  6. Haro, Steven (SB ECU Movistar Team Ecuador) +00:04:02
  7. Paredes, Anderson (Movistar Team Ecuador) +00:04:16
  8. Martínez, Sergio (JBF JB Ropa Deportiva Flowerpack) +00:04:20
  9. Montenegro, Santiago (SB ECU Movistar Team Ecuador) +00:04:22
  10. Gutiérrez, Pedro (GMT Gobierno de Miranda Trek) +00:04:29