With the participation of about 350 runners during the two days of competition this October 2 and 3, representing 21 states of the country, the National MTB XCO, XCC, E-Bikes Championship was held at the Dude BiKe Park in Turmero, Aragua state. , leaving historical results for the specialty.

The Trujillo state, led by the experienced Yonathan Mejia, became general champion by team of this 2021 edition, sweeping from the first in the minor categories. Many emotions were experienced, highlighting the participation of category C Boys and Girls, who managed to surprise those attending the event with a management chair.

The great protagonists of this championship were the elites Yngrid Porras by becoming national champion for the third consecutive time and Yonathan Mejia, obtaining the title for the eighth time, and both managed to cross the finish line first in the Short Track modality that was run for the first time. in a national, and thus complete the two-time championship.

About two thousand people attended the most important event of the year for MTB lovers, to enjoy 5 events on the agenda. Such was the case of the Venezuela Cup that aroused great enthusiasm and had a notable participation on Sunday.

This edition was cataloged by the participants as one of the best due to the high level of organization, thanks to the joint work of the Venezuelan Cycling Federation and its president Eliezer Rojas, with the Aragua State Association, sponsors, and support of the Zodi de la region, paramedics, firefighters and the excellent work of the staff.

«It has been the national championship with the most participation and with the largest number of elite runners in Venezuelan history, without counting with the largest participation of children. Incredible the seedbed that is taking place in the states in the development quarries, “said Julio Peña, president of the National MTB Commission.

Bolívar, Lara, La Guaira, Miranda, Portuguesa, Capital District and Aragua were some of the states with the largest delegations in the country. Mérida and Táchira once again have a very notable presence in the championships where their cyclists had good results and a growth in participation can be observed in the future.


• Male elite:

Gold.-Yonathan Mejias (Trujillo)

Silver.-Sandro Muñoz (Bolívar)

Bronze.-Ruddy Rodríguez (Nueva Esparta)

• Female elite:

Gold.-Yngrid Porras (Capital District)

Silver.-Zaily Salazar (Anzoátegui)

Bronze.-Sarah Penso (Capital District)

• U23 male

Gold.-David Juárez (Lara)

Silver.-Viloria Emmanuel (Trujillo)

Bronze.-Emilio Vera (La Guaira)

• Youth male:

Gold.-Luis Martínez (Anzoátegui)

Silver.- Christian Gómez (Trujillo)

Bronze.-Nelson Peña (Mérida)

• Master A:

Gold.-Óscar Vallejo (Bolívar)

Silver.-Luis Marín (Trujillo)

Bronze.- Raúl Ceballo (Miranda)

• Master B1:

Gold.- Tony Castro (La Guaira)

Silver.- Miguel Rondón (Mérida)

Bronze.-Marcos Cartaya (Miranda)

• Master B2

Gold.-Ottoniel Rodríguez (La Guaira)

Silver.- Andrés Castillo (Cojedes)

Bronze.-Roderick Martínez (Carabobo)

• Master C:

Gold.-Sergio Guide (Miranda)

Silver.-Jorge Inciarte (Miranda)

Bronze.-Octavio Ortega (Carabobo)

• Master D:

Gold-. Gustavo Díaz (Trujillo)

Silver.- José Heredia (Guárico)

Bronze.-Sande Gerardo (Aragua)

• Female A:

Gold.- Lisbeth Goncalves (Carabobo)

Silver.-Florangela Rodríguez (Aragua)

Bronze.-Irina Ramírez (La Guaira)

• Female B:

Gold.-Jackeline Mascual (Mérida)

Silver.-Nouhad Sayegh (La Guaira)

Bronze.- Nelly Guía (Miranda)


• Children C

Gold.- Diego Torres (Trujillo)

Silver.-Amir Yousef (Carabobo

Bronze.-Pablo Montilla (Trujillo)

• Girls C

Gold.-Aniger Linares (Trujillo)

Silver.-Oriana Pino (Trujillo)

Bronze.-Venezia Peña (Carabobo)

• Pre-infant male

Gold.-Javier Roberti (Lara)

Silver.- Fabián Vallejo (Bolívar)

Bronze.-Roman Abdiel (Trujillo)

 • Pre-infant female

Gold.- María Carrillo (Trujillo)

Silver.- Lucía Roa (Bolívar)

Bronze.-Froiber Pérez (Guárico)

• Male child

Gold.-Cimael Linares (Trujillo)

Silver.-Saulio Cañas (Bolívar)

Bronze.-Víctor Castellanos (Carabobo)

• Infant female

Gold.- María Fernández (Lara)

Silver.- Valeria Briceño (Trujillo)

Bronze.- Diana Seijas (Yaracuy)

• Pre-juvenile

Gold.- Luis Marín (Trujillo)

Silver.-Santiago Quattrocchi (Carabobo)

Bronze.-Juan Zambrano (Mérida)

• Youth male

Gold.-Cristhian Gómez (Trujillo)

Silver.-Luis Martínez (Anzoátegui)

Bronze.-Nelson Peña (Mérida)

• U23 male

Gold.-David Juárez (Lara)

Silver.-Midget Omaña (Miranda)

Bronze.- Emmanuel Viloria (Trujillo)

• Female elite

Gold.-Yngrid Porras (Capital District)

Silver.-Zaily Salazar (Anzoátegui)

Bronze.-Sarah Penso (Capital District)

• Male elite

Gold.-Yonathan Mejia (Trujillo)

Silver.-Sandro Muñoz (Bolívar)

Bronze.- Johangel Ramírez (Carabobo)


Oro.-Johangel Ramírez (Carabobo)

Plata.-Carlos Terán (Miranda)

Bronce.-Diego Tarquinio (Aragua)


•Aficionado A

Oro.-Fernando Bocaranda (Lara)

Plata.-Jesús Nieves (Aragua)

Bronce.-Martín Pimzon (Táchira)

•Aficionado B

Oro.-Frederlin Canelon (Táchira)

Plata.-Felipe Sánchez (Carabobo)

Bronce.-Hugo Salon (Carabobo)

•Aficionado C

Oro.- Davis Lodeiro (Aragua)

Plata.-Ricardo Briceño (Anzoátegui)

Bronce.- Máximo Damasco (La Guaira)

•Aficionado Open

Oro.-Luis Utrera (Carabobo)

Plata.-Joseph Sulbaran (Carabobo)

Bronce.-Marlon Ulloa (Táchira)

•Aficionado juvenil

Oro.-Alexander Barroso (Aragua)

Plata.-Daren Majoros (Aragua)

Bronce.-Karakilian Jacobo (Aragua)

•Aficionado femenino

Oro.-María Fernández (Lara)

Plata.-Dione León (La Guaira)

Bronce.-Lepke Pérez (Carabobo)