The 2023 Pan-American Mountain Bike Championship is already part of the history of Brazilian and world cycling. For the first time, a sporting event in this discipline is officially certified with the “Zero Carbon” seal.

The distinction is based on being a competition fully aligned with ESG practices, environmental, social and corporate governance policies, and the Sustainable Development Goals that are part of the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda.

The Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC), in collaboration with the Congonhas City Council and the Gron company, will neutralize the carbon footprint of the continental event, scheduled for April 26 and 30.

An inventory of all the gas emissions produced by the competition will be carried out and, as a form of compensation, the Bread Forest will be delivered to the population and the city, a unique and symbolic space within the Cachoeira de Santo Antônio Park, chosen as the main arena of the dispute.

“No other championship held in the American continent has had this action and this only shows how much we, as organizers and host country, are aligned with the sustainability principles demanded throughout the world,” said Ana Gabriela Dutra, secretary of environment and rural development of Congonhas.

The “Carbono Cero” seal was delivered during the Pan American Opening Ceremony, at the end of the afternoon on Wednesday, April 26. One member of each delegation was invited to plant the first trees.

The species selected for the action was the ipê, a native tree typical of the Brazilian flora. The total number of trees to be planted and installed in the Park will be announced after the event, when data collection is complete.

“We have quantified the number of trees necessary to offset carbon emissions considering various factors that involve the event, such as the production of carbon dioxide from vehicles, whose circulation increases significantly throughout the competition with the arrival of more people in the city. , the production of waste, whether organic, recyclable, among others.

“The more events make this neutralization, the more we contribute as citizens to avoid the consequences of climate change that harm the world community and various sectors of the economy so much,” explained Lauana Silva, technical director of Gron, responsible for the carbon emissions inventory. .

The president of the CBC, José Luiz Vasconcelos, highlighted the leadership of the entity and hopes that the action will serve as an example not only for the cycling community, but for other disciplines. “We want to leave a legacy for future generations that goes beyond the sports field. Protecting the environment is a challenge and a duty for all of us as citizens. Therefore, it is a great pride to see that this project is coming off paper and is being delivered, ”he said.

The 2023 Pan American Mountain Bike Championship is carried out by the Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC) with the supervision of the Pan American Cycling Confederation (COPACI) and the International Cycling Union (UCI), sponsored by the Municipality of Congonhas.