MORELIA, MEXICO. Another success for a michoacana in the Mountain Cycling Championship MTB 2019, now it was the turn of Natalia Torres Macouzet to go up to the podium to hang the gold medal in the junior category of the cross-country event, of the contest held in Aguascalientes , from last Wednesday until this Saturday.

Torres led the competition with a time of 58.16 minutes and with that he crossed the finish line first on the El Ocote track; in second place was the Chilean Catalina Vidaurre with 58.50 and the third was for the Colombian Valentina Garcés with 1: 00.39 hours.

With this triumph, the natives of Zitácuaro, Michoacán, (Fátima Hijar Marín and Natalia Torres) have two medals in their MTB Championship, which awards a score in the UCI (International Cycling Union) ranking. This Saturday will be disputed the places for the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020, where Daniela Campuzano and Gerardo Ulloa will be in the fight in the cross country event. (



1. Torres Macouzet, Natalia (MEX) 00:58:16
2. Vidaurre, Catalina (CHI) 00:58:50
3. Garcés, Valentina (COL) 01:00:39
4. Gamboa, Rubi Esmeralda (MEX) 01:00:45
5. Aceves, Natalia (MEX) 01:01:36


1. Gutiérrez, Adair Zabdiel (MEX) 00:58:39
2. Amos, Riley (USA) 01:00:33
3. Xavier de Oliveira, Gustavo (BRA) 01:01:54
4. Moscoso, Romulo (ECU) 01:02:04
5. Ramírez, Joseph (CRC) 01:03:11


1. Sánchez, Juan Carlos (COL) 00:45:41
2. Cayata, Facundo Gabriel (ARG) 00:45:54
3. Sánchez, Jesús Habid (MEX) 00:46:19
4. Gómez, Camilo Andrés (COL) 00:47:11
5. De la Torre, Ricardo (MEX) 00:47:42