GUATEMALA CITY. Peruvian cyclist André González won the fourth stage of the Tour of Guatemala on Saturday and is the new leader in the general classification of the event that brings together more than a hundred runners.

González crossed the finish line with a time of 2 hours, 48 ​​minutes and 11 seconds, followed by Grant Koontz, from the United States, and also Peruvian Alonso Gamero, second and third, respectively.

In the 121 kilometers that separate Villa Nueva, Santa Lucía, Cocales and San José El Ídolo, in Suchitepéquez, the platoon disputed three flying goals and made a compact effort towards the first test, located at kilometer 51.

Under a scorching sun, Guatemalan Edgar Torres achieved the first flying goal in a closed sprint, Peru’s Hugo Ruiz the second and Colombia’s Steven Cuesta the third.

In the last kilometers, Kootnz and González staged a leak and came to take 1 minute and 25 seconds to the caravan, but in the last meters the Peruvian imposed himself and crossed the color line first, which some teammates could not pass and threw themselves to the ground due to high temperatures and fatigue.

Gonzalez, who had won a stage last year last year, said he was “very happy” for this victory that also puts him leading the overall standings.

The 59th edition of the Tour of Guatemala, which will conclude on November 1 after 10 stages, has the participation of 19 teams, among these 6 foreigners, and will cover 1,193 kilometers.

The fifth stage, of 33.5 kilometers, will be played this Sunday between the village of El Rosario de Champerico and San Sebastián, in the department of Retalhuleu. (EFE)


  1. André González (PER) 2:48:11
  2. Grant Koontz (USA) +0: 00: 02
  3. Alonso Gamero (PER) +00: 039
  4. Bryan Gómez (GUA) +00: 39
  5. Luis López (HON) +00: 0: 39


  1. André Gonzaez (PER) 13:02:33
  2. Luis López (HON) +0: 00: 35
  3. Alfredo Ajpacajá (GUA) +0: 00: 35
  4. Julio Padilla (GUA) +0: 00: 39
  5. José Canastuj (GUA) +0: 00: 39