This October 17 the Copaci Bulletin is birthday. Today exactly 13 years ago that first digital edition circulated, which barely came into view of a few states in the Americas and then grew to this day.

The birth of the Copaci Bulletin came from the idea of ​​the president of COPACI, José Manuel Peláez, which this writer immediately made his own, perhaps without even imagining that this modest official publication of the entity would last until today; with failures – as can happen to prestigious newspapers such as The New York Times, the Whashington Post or El País, – but without fail from Monday to Friday and, eventually, on Saturdays and Sundays.

A brief look at the past of the Copaci Bulletin reveals our constancy and punctuality with our readers, as well as thanks and commitment for the future.

With these shining 13 years, it could be thought that the Copaci Bulletin does not yet exceed adolescence. However, his coming of age began to forge from the precise moment when the idea began to be forged in the thinking of those who created it.

In these 13 years I have had the unequivocal task of putting on your mobile or computer about 4 thousand newsletters, which will continue until the last days of this 2019.

We have never worked for praise and recognition, because we understand and have the deep conviction that the most important thing is to contribute to the cycling of the American continent continue to grow in better health.

The birthday is not just the Copaci Newsletter, but everyone’s, because everyone – in one way or another – has put their own thing so that we get here in a compact squad.