LONDRINA, BRAZIL. The Brazilian Cycling Confederation (CBC) reports that during the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, the athlete Kacio Freitas, of the track selection, underwent an anti-doping test and after returning to Brazil received a notification indicating an adverse analytical result in the Sample A. Immediately, the athlete requested the opening of sample B, which days later also proved positive.

Recently the Pan American Sports Organization published the report of all cases of positive doping of the competition and confirmed that the Brazilian speed team, composed of Kacio Freitas, Flávio Cipriano and Joao Vitor, will be penalized with the loss of the bronze medal.

The CBC has the fight against doping as one of its main priorities. Working together with the Brazilian Anti-doping Agency, the UCI, the WADA and the Public Ministry of Labor, the Confederation seeks to establish an increasingly clean sport, whether doping or fraud.

Through its anti-doping organization, led by the Ethics and Integrity Committee, awareness actions have been constantly carried out, including educational material, banners, exclusive area on the official site and social media campaigns, among others.

We accredit a clean sport and we will always be willing to contribute to the fight against doping. (cbc.esp.br)