GUATEMALA. Flory de León (Quetzaltenango) won the second Olympic Cross Country date with 1 hour, 4 minutes and 2 seconds, with a wide advantage over his rivals Olga Mariel Rodas (La Esperanza Quetzaltenango) and Karold López (Malena Bike), who remained in pursuit on the complicated track of the Finca Malena Bike.

Another of the battles appreciated by the fans was in the youth category with a spectacular competition between Julio Ispaché, Juan Pablo Mazariegos and Jhony Santizo, who left all their effort on the track.

In the men’s elite category, the new national cycling talent, Aroldo Sánchez (Totonicapán), was surprised by the victory, leaving Rodolfo Zabala (Hino-Eurobikes) in the second position.

On the second date, more than 200 cyclists from various departments from all over the country participated. (Nery Ajsivinac / Press F.G.C)



1. Aroldo Sánchez (Totonicapán) 1:18:44
2. Edgar Zabala Melgar (Hino-Eurobikes) 1:24:19
3. Sebastián Sucup (Asunción Mita) 1:32:18


1. Flory De León (Quetzaltenango) 01:04:02
2. Mariela Rodas (La Esperanza) 1:16:26
3. Karold López (Malena Bike) 1:20:53


1. Julio Ispaché (La Esperanza) 0:56:49
2. Juan Pablo Mazariegos (Huehuetenango) 0:59:01
3. Jhony Santizo (La Esperanza) 1:10:31


1. Fernanda Calel (Asoc. Chimaltenango) 0:32:04
2. Ashley Méndez (Asoc. Quetzaltenango) 0:33:20
3. Anahi López (Asoc. Quetzaltenango) 0:37:42