BOGOTÁ. In any work or life environment, no one is done or emerges alone. There will always be a support and a process that leads us to overcome and transcend our work passions or any occupation we perform. Without someone’s support it would be practically impossible for us to prosper and achieve what we propose or dream of in life.
It is true, there is a talent or a gift that gives us more facilities to some than others to emerge with fewer barriers. And so we can skip a part of that process to show ourselves with all the potential we have. But would it be possible without our reaching out?
The first base is in the family, which, seeing what we can achieve, makes its best effort to please us and give us that first public light. But then come other actors that drive us to reach beyond what our parents can.
In the first instance, it can be someone who, with good sense, noticed our qualities and helped in that first step of joining a club or school, which is responsible for delivering some bases and the first competitive parameters. Then come the leagues that promote the staging nationwide, and later, if that talent still stands with sufficient merits, it is reported to its federation to show itself to the continent and then to the world.
And so it goes on until it reaches the highest standards. There is no lonely path, because our talents must always enjoy support, accompaniment and, above all, good communion around their deeds, which are the consecration of a process in which all actors also feel and are entitled to feel satisfaction
The resources and support that can be given to all the talented young people in our mountains and most remote corners of the country will never be enough. With our hand in our hearts we have and will continue to fight for more actors to get involved and make Colombian cycling a great sport and a great family. (Agustín Moreno Aristizábal / Vice President of the Colombian Cycling Federation)