CHIRIQUÍ. Costa Rican cyclist Jhon Jiménez, in time of 3:02:33, of the Asociglobo Nestle 7C Giant team, took the first stage of the XXXIX version of the Vuelta a Chiriquí, dedicated to the Panamanian Sports Institute (PANDEPORTES), on Thursday.

The second place went to Carlos Brenes, of the Colono Costa Rica Group, and in the third place was Julio Padilla, of the Optics Deluxe Guatemala, both with the same time.

The 83 riders left the Cervantes Park after the protocol events that began the Tour of Chiriqui to conquer the eastern Chirican on a route of 127.6 kilometers.

Julio Padilla, of the Optical Deluxe Guatemala team, took the two flying goals that were in dispute in the first 42.5 kilometers and 84.7 km in the San Lorenzo sector.

The national leader and bearer of the shirt of the Panamanian Sports Institute is Franklin Archibold, of Team Ininco.

The Mountain prize, at the height of the El Zorro Hill, was won by the competitor Fabio Avendaño, of Team Soacha Together Forming Ciudad CASH.

The second stage will count at 125.0km, leaving at 9:00 a.m. from the Governorate of Chiriquí, and will travel through Gualaca, Los Anastasios, Dolega, Los Algarrobos to Las Madres Park. ( / Aurelio Ortiz)


1. Jiménez, Jhon (CRC-Asociglobo Nestle 7C Giant) 3:02:33

2. Brenes, Carlos (CRC-Grupo Colono Costa Rica)

3. Padilla, Jilio (GUA-Optica Deluxe Guatemala)

4. Archibold, Franklin (PAN-Team Ininco)

5. Samudio, Carlos (PAN-Team Rali Claro)

6. Moya, Sebastian (CRC-Asociglobo Nestle 7C Giant)

7. Sánchez, Marcos (Crc-Java Cycling Team)

8. Gómez, Daniel (CRC-Asociglobo Nestle 7C Giant)

9. Gamero, Alonso (PER-Selección Nacional Perú)

10. Sánchez, Anthony (CRC-Java Cycling Team)