BOGOTÁ. There are eight athletes that will be part of the Colombia Manzana Postobón Team of MTB for the Pan-American of the discipline that will be developed next April in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Fabio Castañeda, Leonardo Páez, Juan Fernando Monroy, Jhonnatan Botero, Leidy Mera, Valentina Abril, Cristian Aranzazu, Jerónimo Bedoya and Santiago Robledo, led by Professor José Gómez Cao, will represent our country from April 3 to 6 at the track the Ocote, the state known as the “capital of cycling in Mexico”, in the event that gives quotas to the Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020.

The national delegation will be moving to the Central American country on Monday, April 1, with the support of the Colombian Cycling Federation and the Colombian Olympic Committee, where they will also compete on Sunday 7 in the international competition Class 1 of the UCI, in the same stage.

All our athletes will have action in the Cross Country mode, in addition to the participation of Juan Fernando Monroy in the Eliminator test.

For Professor Gómez, the objective in the competition is clear: “look for the quota to the Olympic Games”. One place will be given to elite men and another to elite ladies. The direct rivals for the quota are “Mexico, Argentina and Costa Rica”, since countries like the United States, Canada and Brazil, have already secured their presence in Tokyo 2020.

The group has been preparing under the orders of Professor José Gómez Cao since mid-November of the previous year, with a view to the Pan-American. Competitively they have been consolidating the concepts in the competitions of the national calendar as they are the Copas Colombia of the modality. (Fedeciclismo Colombia)

Delegation that will move to the Pan American:

Elite men.

Fabio Castañeda
Leonardo Páez
Juan Fernando Monroy
Jhonnatan Botero

Elite ladies.

Leidy Mera
Valentina April


Cristian Aranzazu


Jerónimo Bedoya


Santiago Robledo

Technical director.

José Gómez Cao