CANTABRIA, SPAIN. The Argentine of the Baqué – ideus – BH Team, José Luciano “Lucho” Martínez, has won the San José Grand Prize held in the Cantabrian town of Astillero.

It is the second year in a row that the team has won this race and it is the third year that it has achieved a brilliant start to the season, adding to those previously achieved by Miguel Ángel Fernández, in Zumaia, and Jon Gil, in Ereño.

Lucho has topped his triumphant week with victory as he was second last week in Urretxu.

José Luciano Martínez has been the fastest in a group of four riders who has contested the victory after being part of a flight of six previously. (Baqué-ideus-BH Team)


1st José Luciano Martínez (Baqué-ideus-BH) 3:02:49
2nd Josep Arnau (Telco’m) +0:00:01
3rd Carlos Ruiz (Lizarte) +0:00:01
4th Onditz Urruzmendi (Telco’m Ederlan Frenkit) +0:00:01
5th Adrián González (Gomur Cantabria) +0:00:39
6th Enrique Bardón (Goros Bike) +0:01:58
7th Miguel Ángel Fernández (Baqué-Ideus-BH Team) +0:02:11
10th Julen Legarda (Baqué-Ideus-BH Team) +0:02:14
31st Álvaro Legaza (Baqué-ideus-BH Team) +0:02:41