AGUASCALIENTES, MEXICO. The Mexican MTB team made vibrate the cyclist fans who were present at the XCO Pan American Championship in Aguascalientes when they won the first gold medal for Mexico in the XCR event, where Gerardo Ulloa and Monserrath Rodríguez from the AR Pro Cycling Team were part of the team. of the winning quintet.

The track of Ocote located in the state of Aguascalientes witnessed the exciting race that was lived within the framework of the Pan American MTB Championship, where the Mexican team was in charge of breaking the goal strip to be placed on the top of the podium in the XCR relay test.

The Mexican team managed to beat the United States, which is considered one of the strongest countries of the specialty occupying the second position and leaving the Argentine quintet with the bronze medal.

The Mexican relay was made up of Gerardo Ulloa and Monserrath Rodríguez of the AR Pro Cycling Team as well as Daniela Campuzano, Amando Martínez and Esteban Herrera.

With this victory, Mexico returns to the first position that it had already obtained in 2017 in Colombia with Gerardo Ulloa and Monse Rodríguez (Daniela Campuzano, Fernando Islas and Rafael Escarcega).

The activity for the AR Pro Cycling Team will start on Friday, April 5 with Isabella García at 8:30 am in the cadet category, to continue with Adair Prieto at 3:00 pm in the Junior category, while Monserrath Rodriguez will compete on Saturday, April 6 at 8:30 am in the sub 23 category.

Gerardo Ulloa will return to take the track in his individual event on Saturday April 6 at 3:00 pm where he will be looking for the Olympic place for Mexico and conquer the elite category. (


1. México 1:16:18.517
Ulloa Arévalo, José Gerardo
Martínez Galván, Amando
Campuzano Chávez, Daniela
Rodríguez Suarez, Erika Montserrat
Herrera Ochoa, Esteban

2. United States 1:17:00.671
Blevins, Christopher
Amos, Riley
Huck, Erin
Batten, Haley
Vrouwenvelder, Lukas

3. Argentina 1:20:47.819
Contreras, Fernando
Chiesa Bachey, Francisca Candelaria
Chiesa Bachey, Santiago Ezequiel
Gómez Villafañe, Sofía
Soto, Catriel

4. Brasil 1:22:01.451
Couto Grego, Santos Mario
Coradini Goulart, Pedro
Fernandes, Olimpio, Karen
Mourão, Jaqueline
Donizete, Valeriano Rubens

5. Costa Rica 1:24:16.553
Brenes, Sebastián
Gómez, Isabella
Solano, José Pablo
Rojas, Adriana
Fonseca, Andrey

Chile DNF
Vidaurre, Kossmann Martin
Castro González, María Fernanda
Cortes Quintanilla, Sergio Ricardo
Vidaurre Kossmann, Catalina
Delich Pardo, Nicolás Patricio