BOGOTÁ. With a circuit in Pradera over 144 kilometers and under the rain as the protagonist throughout the day, the second stage of the Vuelta al Valle 2019 was completed. The winner, after a spectacular sprint, was the young runner from Antioquia Miguel Ángel Sarmiento (EPM Scott). While his teammate Jaime Castañeda is the new leader of the test.

The adjusted sprint, was defined in favor of Sarmiento, who in the previous day had put in notice to his contenders, obtaining the first place in the packaging of the group. This time, the Under 23 rider won a vibrant duel with Luis Carlos Chía (Manzana Postobon) who was second and Juan Sebastián Campo (AV Villas) who closed in third position, imposing a time in goal of 2 hours 56 minutes 14 seconds .

The lead of the test that until yesterday had Jonathan Restrepo (Manzana Postobon), was in the hands of Jaime Castañeda (EPM Scott), that product of the bonuses obtained in the intermediate sprints of the day, became the new carrier of the shirt red and white, with which will depart last morning to face the individual time trial.

With three laps to go the runners Dalivier Ospina (Supergiros Alcaldía de Manizales), Juan Esteban Arango and Marvin Angarita (Selección Antioquia), tried the heroic against the leading group, however the interests of teams like EPM Scott, Postobon Apple and AV Villas did not allow this trio to come with an advantage to define the winner.

This Friday, the ladies who will face the last two days in the framework of the Tour of the Feminine Valley will make their appearance. While for men, will be the third and penultimate stage, an individual time trial on 12.9 kilometers between Buga and Havana. (


1. Miguel Ángel Sarmiento (EPM Scott) 2:56:14
2. Luis Carlos Chía (Manzana Postobon)
3. Juan Sebastián Campo (AV Villas)
4. Julián Molano (Coldeportes Zenú)
5. Juan Jose Ramos (Sb AV Villas Auteco)
6. Carlos Alzáte (GW Shimano)
7. Jhonatan Rrestrepo (Manzana Postobón)
8. Juan Guillermo Jaramillo (Sb Coldeportes Zenu)
9. Brandon Rivera (GW Shimano Chaoyang)
10. Juan Diego Hoyos (Club Elite Yumbo)


1. Jaime Castañeda (EPM Scott) 5:41:18
2. Miguel Angel Sarmiento (Sb EPM Scott) +00:01
3. Jhonatan Restrepo (Manzana Postobón) +0:00:01
4. Eduardo Estrada (Coldeportes Bicicletas Strongman) +0:00:03
5. Julian Molano (Sb Coldeportes Zenu) +0:00:05
6. Luis Carlos Chía (B. Sb Manzana Postobón) +0:00:05
7. Jarvi Doney Acevedo (Sb V Seleccion Tulua) +0:00:06
8. Juan Sebastian Campos (Sb V AV Villas Auteco) +0:00:07
9. Carlos Alzate (GW Shimano Chaoyang) +0:00:08
10. Jhon Anderson Rodríguez (EPM Scott) +0:00:08