COCHABAMBA. In the test of the 200 meters launched by the Pan American Cycling Track, in Bolivia, the Colombian Martha Bayona, the Mexican Daniela Gaxiola and the Canadian Kelsey Mitchell improved the record that had since 2013 the German Kristina Vogel.

The Colombian cyclist Martha Bayona imposed a new world mark of 200 meters during the Pan American Track Championship, which takes place in Cochabamba (Bolivia).

The santandereana sprinter stopped the stopwatch in 10 seconds and 360 thousandths for the distance, in which the best record was at 10,384, achieved by the German Kristina Vogel in 2013, in Aguascalientes (Mexico).

However, the joy did not last long for the member of the Colombian team supported by Manzana Postobón, because minutes later the Mexican Daniela Gaxiola did the same, with 10,344, before the Canadian Kelsey Mitchell left the record at 10,154.

Runners from Argentina, Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, United States, Guatemala, Jamaica will participate in the Pan American Cochabamba, which gives points for qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. , Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela. (



1. Canada 3:49.974 56.100 (PR) GOLD

   Gee, Derek

   Foley, Michael

   De Haitre, Vincent

   Lamoureux, Jay

2. United States 3:52.747 57.915 SILVER

    Holloway, Daniel

    Croom, John

    Young, Eric

    Lambie, Ashton

3. Colombia 4:02.282 BRONZE

    Sánchez, Brayan

    Molina, Wilmar

    Arango, Juan Esteban

   Tobón, Carlos

4. México 4:02.376

   Maldonado, Edibaldo

   Corella, Rene

   Prado, Ignacio

   Sarabia, Ignacio

5. Perú

   Quispe, Alain

   Ruiz, Hugo

   Gonzales, Andre

   Gamero, Alonso

6. Argentina

   Ramos, Gabriel

   Contte, Tomas

   Sánchez, Santiago

   Tivani, German

7. Bolivia

   Bautista, Adolfo

   Gallardo, Horacio

   León, Bernardo

   Luna Victoria, Alejandro