HAVANA. The president of the Cycling Union of the Argentine Republic, Gabriel Curuchet, supported the proposal of Colombia in the Seminar of the International Cycling Union, which takes place in Panama, that the Governor of the province of San Juan, Sergio Uñac, presides over honored the South American Union of Cycling.

The newspaper El Sol de San Juan points out that Sergio Uñac, accompanied by the Secretary of Sports, Jorge Eduardo Chica, made the presentation of the International Tour to San Juan 2019, which will conclude this Wednesday in the Isthmian capital. It will be held from January 27 to February 3 next, while a detailed presentation on “Sports as State Policy and the vision and legacy of the Vuelta a San Juan”.

Later, Gabriel Curuchet, used the word to point out that “for the first time in a Seminar of the UCI and the COPACI there is an exhibition about a particular event of our continent where, accompanied by the governor Sergio Uñac, we had the vision and the legacy of the Vuelta de San Juan to all members of the South American Union and the Pan American Confederation where we have 34 countries present, “he said.

Then Curuchet said that “Colombia, as a member of the South American Union and as a benchmark for cycling in the world, proposed after the exhibition of Sergio Uñac, that he was declared honorary president of the South American Cycling Union. This marks an accurate, logical vision that has been taken within the continent with great respect, with an important management from Argentina, and collaborating with the entire South American region, “he said.

For his part, the Secretary of State for Sports, Jorge Chica, highlighted the historic nature of the invitation to Governor Sergio Uñac and his subsequent nomination as honorary president in the South American Union of Cycling, saying that “they have highlighted the contribution that the governor of sports as a State policy and his strategic plan regarding cycling as a whole … “, he said. (José Luis Basulto / www.elsoldesanjuan.com.ar)