MEXICO. The Mexicans Adair Prieto and Daniela Campuzano won gold and bronze in the third round of the UCI MTB 2019 Cup, which took place in the Czech Republic, where both nationals overcame their talent in the conditions of the track.

In the Junior category of mountain biking, Prieto won the gold medal by completing the course in a time of 1:09:28 hours and leaving with the silver and bronze to the Czechs Jan Zatloukal and David Sulc, with cronos of 1:11:03 and 1:11:53, respectively, in the cross country mode.

While Rio 2016 Olympian Daniela Campuzano made bronze with a time of 1:43:35 hours, in the test where the winner was the Czech Jitka Cabelicka, with 1:40:43, and the silver was for the British Isla Short, with 1:41:52.

In the case of Campuzano Chávez-Peón, this competition is part of the preparation for the 2019 Pan-American Games Lima.

“I did not remember what it was like to run with cold and mud. The first lap did not give one, until I decided to enjoy the race, run where I did not feel safe and move as far as possible where I could pedal, “said the cyclist at the end of the race.

He added that at the end of the test he could get into the medal zone, “I managed to get the third place, I am happy to be here and have the opportunity to represent Mexico in the following competitions”. (