MONTEVIDEO. The Venezuelan cyclist Fernando Briceño, who defends the colors of the national team of his country, has imposed this Thursday in the seventh stage of the 76th edition of the Vuelta del Uruguay, a day of 189.3 kilometers that started in thirty-three to conclude in Rocha.

With a time of 4 hours, 25 minutes and 12 seconds, Briceño prevailed in the arrival to Rocha ahead of the Argentine Adrián Richeze (Virgin of Fatima) and the Venezuelan Ralph Monsalve (Sel. Of Venezuela), second and third respectively.

The leader of the race, the Colombian Walter Vargas (Medellín), stayed in front of the table after finishing 21 seconds behind the winner, forming part of the main squad.

The cyclist of Team Medellin, who plays the season with Berria bicycles, keeps his 59 seconds of rent on the Brazilian Cristian Egidio Da Rosa (São Francisco Saùde).

Vargas will continue this Friday his defense of the yellow jersey in the eighth stage of the Uruguayan round of 146 kilometers between La Paloma and Pirlápolis. (


1. Briceño, Fernando (VEN) 4:25:12 

2. Richeze, Adrián (AVF) +0:00:04 

3. Monsalve, Ralph (VEN) +0:00:04 

4. Navarro, Royner (PER) +0:00:04 

5. Santos, Flavio (FUN) +0:00:04 

6. Knol, Martíjn (GLO) +0:00:07 

7. Naranjo, Nicolás (AVF) +0:00:21 

8. Tivani, Germán (AVF) +00:00:21 

9. Gamero, Alonso (PER) +0:00:21 

10. Andriato, Rafael (SFS) +0:00:021


1. Vargas, Walter (MED) 25:57:13

2. Da Rosa, Cristian (SFS) +0:00:59

3. Oyola, Robigzon (MED) +0:01:56

4. Naranjo, Nicolás (AVF) +0:01:57

5. Gohr, Andre (FUN) +0:02:02

6. Tivani, Germán (AVF) +0:02:02

7. Moreira, Agustín (CER) +0:02:08

8. Troncoso, Pablo (FEN) +0:02:15

9. Mascarañas, Richard (SAF) +0:02:21

10. Maldonado, Anderson (TRE) +0:03:17