SAN JOSE. The Dutch cyclist Reinier Honig (ProCyclingStats) has imposed himself in the second stage of the 55th of the International Cycling Tour of Costa Rica, a 126.5-kilometer day played on Tuesday between the towns of Liberia and Esparza.

With a time of 3 hours, 3 minutes and 56 seconds, Honig won alone on arrival at Esparza, where he beat the Guatemalan Alex Julajuj (Deluxe Optics) in 31 seconds and the Russian Victor Manakov (Russian National Team) in 36 seconds. , second and third respectively.

Ecuadorian Byron Guama (Selection of Ecuador), who was wearing the leader’s jersey after winning the first stage, remained at the head of the individual general classification despite crossing the finish line in fifth place, 2 minutes away and 3 seconds of the winner.

Guama continues to lead the table although tied in time with Honduran Luis Fernando Enrique López (Optics Deluxe). Third, 1 second of both, was the Chilean Pablo Alarcón (Canel´s-Specialized).

“This is a very demanding lap with a very strong level of runners. But we have prepared well. Today’s stage was very crazy, everyone wanted to go on the run, there was a time that the classification was complicated, but there was interest in other teams and that’s good, “Guamá told reporters.

The three flying goals of this Tuesday’s stage were won by the local Manuel Larios, the Guatemalan Julio Padilla and the Russian Viktor Manakov.

Two stages are scheduled for Wednesday. The first of 68 kilometers between Esparza and Jaco beach, province of Puntarenas (Central Pacific), and the second is a 46km team time trial between Parrita and Jaco.

In the 55th edition of the International Tour of Costa Rica, which will conclude on December 25, 8 local and 7 foreign teams from Ecuador, Russia, Peru, Nicaragua, Holland, Guatemala and Mexico compete. (EFE)


  1. Reinier Honig (NED/Procyclingstats) 3:03:56
  2. Alex Julajuj (GUA/Ópticas Deluxe) +00:00:31
  3. Viktor Manakov (RUS/Sel. de Rusia) 00:00:36
  4. Luis López (HON/Ópticas Deluxe) 00:02:03
  5. Bayron Guamá (ECU/Selección de Ecuador) 00:02:03
  6. Pablo Andrés Alarcón Cares (CHI) 00:02:03
  7. Efrén Santos Moreno (MEX) 00:02:03
  8. Nikolay Zhurkin (RUS) 00:02:03
  9. Daniel Andres Bonilla Quiros (CRC) 00:02:03
  10. Sebastián Moyà Ramirez (CRC) 00:02:04


  1. Bayron Guamá (ECU/Sel. de Ecuador) 6:55:07
  2. Luis López (HON/Ópticas Deluxe) +00:00:00
  3. Pablo Alarcón (CHI/México-Canel´s Specialized) +00:00:01
  4. Daniel Bonilla (CRC/Scotiabank-Nestlé-Metrica-Giant) +00:00:01
  5. Efrén Santos (MEX/México Canel´s Specialized) 00:00:04
  6. Jeison Elias Vega Solano (CRC) +00:00:31
  7. Julio Padilla Miranda (GUA) 00:00:36
  8. Grant Koontz (USA) 00:03:15
  9. Reinier Honig (NED) Viro – Tempo Hoppenbrouwers Veldhoven 00:03:27
  10. Alexey Andy Limaylla Zevallos (PER) 00:05:07


  1. Equipo Ópticas Deluxe 20:44:26
  2. Canel’s – Specialized +00:09:27
  3. Scotiabank – Nestlé – Métrica – Giant +00:09:36
  4. Equipo nacional de Ecuador +00:19:06
  5. Equipo nacional de Russie +00:21:51
  6. Team +00:23:16
  7. Equipo nacional del Perú +00:24:33
  8. Tele Uno – Banco BCT +00:26:22
  9. Probike – Lufese – VQ Sport +00:30:35
  10. El Colono +00:37:26